The Word Processor and the Wobbly Desk… A Tale of Distraction and Procrastination.

I spend more time trying to find a word processor to write in, than I actually spend writing. And this desk is driving me insane (more insane than a person who’s testing word processors constantly).

Distraction free word processor
True distraction-free writing environment. Does this person know there’s no paper in there?

These are the issues you deal with as a blogger. Do you still qualify as a blogger when you don’t really write blog posts anymore? Trying to do more of it.

I love to write. Usually it’s just the process of getting started that holds me back. Hence the parade of ‘minimalist’ word processors I go through. Just another step in the procrastination game, really.

Blogging is a major marketing strategy for most online businesses. You know that. And when you ask, “what on earth should I write about?”, you are not alone. Jump into my head for a few minutes…

Ideas for a blog post always come to you (if they do come) when you’re farthest away from a keyboard. No excuse. You have a smart phone in hand 24/7 that has more power than your computer did just a few years ago.

That smart phone has plenty of minimalist word processor apps on it. I can vouch for that. You could jot down ideas or start writing. Or dictate into a recording app.

But no. Spin the blog post around in the brain. Finishing whatever I’m doing. Shower. Eating. Driving. Anything not in front of a computer. The idea disappears eventually.

Finally in front of the computer. Word processor for the day selected. What was that awesome blog topic I had? Just get writing.

But this desk. This desk. Why do I keeping using this wobbly desk that has no drawers?

The word processor of choice today is FocusWriter for MacOS. Black screen. Green type. There are a few other themes, too. Their ugliness is distracting to me.

My preferred writing environment. For today. Check out FocusWriter if you need this.

The screen on my 2015 Macbook Pro is filthy. Fingerprints and smudges cover the glass. Is it glass? Every minute or two I look up, hoping one of those cloths that come with new iPhones makes a surprise appearance.

This desk. Ugh. My wife insisted on keeping this desk when I moved from a large rented office space back into my tiny 8×8 walk-in closet of an office.

Working at home has advantages. Office 10 steps from the bedroom. No excuse for skipping work.

Except when today might be the day you start an in-house bonfire with that wobbly, drawerless desk. Then you should probably take the day off. Today isn’t that day. Not yet.

This is absolutely nothing close to what I planned to write when I started looking for the word processor choice of the day. The plan was to write about how much time you need in order to start an online business.

I’ll save that topic for later. Maybe right after I finish writing… whatever this is. Oh and desk shopping, maybe after that too.

The deal with the word processor is that I must have a distraction-free writing space. I don’t know if I’m ADD or ADHD. I’ve never been diagnosed, other than by just about every amateur psychologist ever to come into my life. Psychologist or psychiatrist? Never sure which one it is.

What are the dogs doing? They’re quiet but I hear the occasional rustling from downstairs. No telling. Hope they’re safe.

Writing in Google Docs would work just fine. Our business team does almost everything through Google Drive. But the tabs. There’s always those tabs at the top of the screen. Just want to click… everything…

Of course, you can set Google Docs or Word (Mac’s native word processor, Pages, absolutely never gets a look from me) to be distraction free. Sort of. Someone’s idea of distraction free. That person is clearly better at focusing than I am.

Wobbly Ikea Desk
Not my desk. But it is from Ikea, and I dig the decor. Photo by Tim Patterson on / CC BY-SA 2.0

As I’m writing, a bolt fell out of the desk. That’s right. Fell out, onto the floor. Looks like one that you find in Ikea furniture. The kind that require that allen wrench that comes in the box. Instead a real screwdriver.

Wait. You mean my wife insisted on my using this wobbly desk with no drawers for the last two years… and it came from Ikea?! I thought for sure she wanted to keep it because there was some sentimental attachment!

We have a coffee table that looks rode hard, but can never be replaced. It was her grandfather’s. Or something. I just know if there was a competition, the coffee table would stay here longer than me. And I know to use a coaster at all times.

This has been a pretty solid writing session. Special thanks to my distraction-free word processor environment provided by FocusWriter. No thanks to the wobbly desk with no drawers, mysterious sentimental attraction and hazy origins that may or may not include Sweden by way of Potomac Mills.

Too bad this is the point where the word processor game always falls apart. Someday I’ll find one that can easily be cut-and-pasted into WordPress.

And the moral of the story is… some days, you just write. Something. Anything. Even this.

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