How To Get Passionate Twitter Followers

There’s a shortcut for everything. A fast way to get what other spent years building.

Welcome to the world of online business. We’re always looking to cut corners.

You might be reading this article expecting a revelation on Twitter followers. That secret advice that no one else shares.

The way to get 10,000 Twitter followers, fast. And not just followers. People who click, reply and retweet everything you tweet out.

My friend… this is just not happening.

Can’t Buy Love

You can buy 10,000 followers. They will likely not even be real people. But if all you want is to see that number, this is an option.

They will never retweet you. Never reply to you. Never read your latest article. They will simply be a number on your profile.

It’s unfortunate. The offer seems very tempting. But you can’t simply buy your twitter followers.

Photo by Jose Antonio Fernandez / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Jose Antonio Fernandez / CC BY 2.0

Follow Me To Freedom!

Then there is the follow ‘em all strategy. I’ve built my twitter following @joerdaniel on this strategy. Truly, most of my followers to the point of this writing came this way.

I wanted to find out what would happen. I used TweetAdder to follow 100+ new people each day.

After 3 days, if they did not follow me back, I unfollowed them. If they followed back, we were now following each other.

There is some interaction here. An occasional retweet. A click on an article. Hard to tell when it is someone added by TweetAdder or a follower earned the traditional way. But there is activity.

But nothing compared to what a real collection of Twitter followers would do. One’s you earn the hard way.

From my Buffer analytics. 20 clicks is almost a guarantee with my audience, but sometimes we go bigger.
From my Buffer analytics for @footballinfo. 20 clicks is almost a guarantee with my audience, but sometimes we go bigger.

How To Get Twitter Followers

Here’s the cold, hard truth. It will take some time to build up a following. But it is worth it.

Since 2009, my Twitter handle has been @footballinfo. I’ve done a few tricks here and there, but most of my 4,389 followers (as of this writing) are earned.

And when I post a tweet there, there is a response. Clicks. Retweets. Conversation.

All the stuff social media is meant to do. Not just a number on a my profile.

How do you get more real, legitimate Twitter followers? Here’s some tips…

Start A Conversation

You would be amazed how many people will respond to a conversation starter on Twitter. I have been.

People who would never answer an email from you. They’ll answer your tweets.

Even busy entrepreneurs know that if you tweet them, the conversation will be short. It’s the way Twitter was designed.

The next time an influencer in your field posts a thought provoking article, press reply. Then tell them the thought that was provoked.

I can just about guarantee that if you do this with the top 10 influencers in your field, you’ll be having a conversation, albeit brief, with 1 or 2 of the big dogs.

Photo by Khalid Albaih / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Khalid Albaih / CC BY 2.0

Tweet A Lot Of Good Stuff

This is hard. You need to share lots of good information.

Retweeting is the easiest way to do this, but not the best. For top value, subscribe to Buffer.

Every time you find an interesting article, buffer it. Buffer will ration your best finds throughout the day.

Intersperse your favorite content that you have produced, too. But don’t just smother people with that.

Just a side note, but I almost exclusively post links to my own articles on my @footballinfo page. I don’t read other people’s stuff very often (and not many other people write about football coaching), so I stick to my own.

You can back off of how much you share other people’s posts once you have a solid following. I would never completely abandon it though.

Post Something Other Than Links

Look at a lot of Twitter accounts, and all you see is links. Link after link, after link.

Post a thought provoking question. Deliver a witty observation about everyday life. Let the world into your mind.

That doesn’t mean you post pictures of your breakfast. Or any other dumb stuff Twitter gets associated with by those who do not use it.

You just say things a human might say. Because, oh hey look at that! You are human.

Mention Your Twitter Handle… Everywhere

I’m terrible at this. Really bad.

If you want anyone to follow you on Twitter, you have to tell them where to find you.

Before I forget… you can follow me on Twitter @joerdaniel.

I almost never mention my handle on The Webinar Marketing Podcast. Nor do I plaster it in any articles or videos I produce.

There is a link to it on this page… somewhere in the corner. Not good.

Don’t follow my example. Get your Twitter name out there. It’s as simple as just putting a Call-To-Action at the end of everything you do. “Follow me on Twitter @joerdaniel.”

Boom. Done. Close your podcasts. Close your articles. Close your videos.

If you want to build a Twitter following, you have to get your name out there.

Focus On The One Thing

I drove to Georgia for a wedding recently. On the way, I consumed some audiobooks. Because that’s what driving is for.

One of them was a book called The One Thing by Gary Keller. Nothing earth shattering, but it is a good listen to the ideas behind focus and essentialism.

You need to follow that concept with your social media strategy. Focus on one social media platform at a time.

We all want to “be everywhere.” You need to be somewhere first.

Want to start with Twitter? Good. It’s a great place to start. I would start with Twitter, then move to Facebook – or visa versa (some industries may do better on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and others so do a little research first).

The key is to start in one place. Get good at it. Start getting real interaction, real exposure. Once you hit a level where you can put that platform on autopilot, you’re ready to move to the next one.

What challenge are you facing with Social Media right now? Post in the comments!

And one last thing… follow me on Twitter @joerdaniel!