Do You Have Something Worth Selling?

gadgetsYou made it this far… so you want to sell something.

You know what you’re doing. You might have a popular blog, or be an expert in your chosen field.

Now it’s time to make some cash money.

What the heck are you gonna sell though!?

This really isn’t that hard. Though it is an agonizing decision for many of us.

If you do a good job in everything else, you could even sell a crappy product. Most people get those two confused.

You can sell anything. You can’t make a dime with a great product, though, if you can’t market and sell it.

But you want to deliver value. You want to give your customers something great.

At the very least, something they won’t be offended by as you develop it (think Minimum Viable Product type stuff).

Here are 4 options to consider when deciding just what you can sell to your latest fans…

Sell a Group Training

This is my favorite way of selling by Webinar.

I’m not a planner. I don’t think ahead. When I have an idea that is really good, it goes into production.

I was built for the start-up world. No money? No problem! Let’s start a business!

The basic idea is to host a webinar where you show your potential customers what an expert you are. You give this away for free.

Then you offer your new leads the chance to really dive into your head. To sit with you for a 3, 4, 5 week course where you show them all the secrets.

You get really in-depth with weekly trainings to a small group. You don’t need a lot of people in these groups.

Sell access cheap, much cheaper than you’d sell the finished product. Because basically, you’re asking them to attend and help you create a product.

The first time I did this, I had 17 customers buy into the training. The training involved five weekly 90 minute sessions.

The screen recordings of those trainings are the centerpiece of a product that did over $10,000 in sales in the first 8 months.

As of this writing, those trainings are not for sale while I bring the product up to date. But they will be part of a package that goes up for re-launch later this year.

Sell an eBook

The eBook is not dead.

You’d think the huge Kindle market of 99 cent eBooks would have done this in as a viable sales market. And in the Internet Marketing space, eBooks might be dying.

But for the rest of us, eBooks are alive and well.

In fact, the discounted Kindle market has done us a favor. Quality eBooks sell for a much higher price now.

Maybe not hundreds of dollars. But price equals value to many customers. And a good eBook for $20 to $50 can sell really well.

They aren’t hard to make, either. Create a 40 page document in Word that delivers great value. Turn it into a PDF file. Sell it.

Set a good price tag, don’t underestimate your expertise. Then offer a substantial discount for Webinar attendees.

Remember that your webinar will not only sell to those who attend the event, but also to those who sign up and don’t buy right away. They are all being added to your list.

And the money is still in the list!

Sell Your Time

Consulting is profitable. It is trading time for dollars, but you can trade your time for a lot of dollars!

When someone wants to be great at something, they’ll pay the experts good money to get there faster.

You can use consulting as both a product and as an upsell to your eBook.

In my experience, selling your time at an hourly rate does sell.

But selling your experience with a promised end result will sell better.

For example, I could consult with you for $100 an hour on how to create a profitable business.

But I could sell you 1 on 1 consulting to create a website and get your first 1,000 opt ins for $1000. 

1,000 opt ins can easily produce $10,000 in profits. And I only need to get 10 customers to make a really big profit.

Sell Someone Else’s Stuff

Affiliate sales are always an option. You can visit and find hundreds of products in just about any field.

Don’t have anything to sell yet? Not sure you want to commit to a training?

Sell someone else’s stuff. Most of the people who are selling legitimate products and really want affiliate sales will give you free access to the product.

You can break it down, examine it, even learn the process that is being sold.

Then present your Webinar, giving away a valuable portion of the training for free. Put your own twist on it (remember, you want to be the expert!).

You can even get the product creator to come on the webinar with you. They can help with the presentation and the pitch.

All you have to do is get potential customers to attend. Put on a good show. Instant profits!

You have something worth selling. Whether you create a product, sell a training, sell your time or sell someone else’s stuff, you can make a profit by adding webinars to your sales arsenal!
Photo by Chad Kainz / CC BY 2.0

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