5 Secrets About Giving Away Your Secrets

secretWebinars are great for establishing yourself as an expert. They build relationships with potential customers in your market.

You can’t be considered an expert if you don’t show it though! But how many secrets can you give away?

A common concern about webinar presentations is that you’ll be giving away too much free information. If you teach them everything, what incentive to attendees have to buy from you?

Teach them nothing, and they have zero incentive to buy.

You just have to give away some secrets. Here are 5 secrets about giving away your secrets…

1. Remember the 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle. 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your actions.

Consider giving away the 20% of actions that produce results. You’re only giving away 20% of what you have to offer, but your webinar attendees will get huge results from it.

If potential customers see how much the free teachings did for them, they know the rest of the teachings are good.

2. Give Actionable Steps

Whatever you decide to teach, you should leave your attendees with an action to take.

I teach how to coach American Football on my primary websites. It’s not the make money online space that you always read about.

My customers are coaches. They have playbooks.

When someone attends a webinar, they are more likely to become a paying customer when they walk away with a new page in the playbook. Or a way to stop their biggest rival.

They are not going to be able to actually apply the knowledge because most of my business occurs during our off-season. But the action of adding a page, or making an adjustment to their plan, is enough.

When you do something that is a little more actionable, you should give specific instructions.


Do you teach customers to create Arts & Crafts? Your webinar should leave them with specific instructions to create something cool.

No one just wants to make ONE cool thing, right? No, they want you – the expert! – to teach them how to make tons of cool stuff!

And yes, if you teach people to make money… give them something that will make them a dollar or two, at least.

ACTION is huge here. I go to countless webinars where I get ideas. The one’s who give me actions to implement, are the folks more likely to get my hard earned money.

3. Give a “Game Changer”

Give your attendees something that completely changes the game. Create the Aha! moment for them.

The best way to do that is to present an idea or action and accompany it with your own game changing story.

Humans are drawn to stories. We eat them up.

Remember that for thousands of years, history was only kept through oral history… right, story telling.

How many classic religious texts and tales are preserved only because civilizations kept retelling the story? Story telling is woven into our DNA.

So tell a story. A great story. A game changing story.

Then tell ’em how you did it. And how they can change the game too.

4. Don’t Be Shy in the Q&A

I’ve given some webinars where I thought I gave away the farm. I taught it all.

Then I gave the pitch. “Buy this, because… well… maybe you didn’t write it all down!”

Wishful thinking.

But I knew there was still a couple nuggets in the product. Until the Q&A Session.

In that portion of the webinar, a couple attendees ask the million dollar question.

And I answer it. No hesitation. (ok a little hesitation at first)

Don’t hold back. Remember, you’re the expert.

Having a great presentation will make you look like an expert. Answering their burning questions on the fly with more solid gold advice solidifies that position!

5. When in Doubt, Give More

Better to give 90% of your secrets and leave your new followers feeling like they were privy to a true insider’s roundtable, than to give away 10% of your secrets and leave your frustrated guests feeling like they just wasted 90 minutes of their life.

I have attended both, in my day.

Honestly, I have presented both, as well. At times, I have just known at the end of an hour that I didn’t help anybody.

I try to salvage it in the Q&A session, but by that time no one’s sticking around to ask questions. You didn’t have any answers in the first hour, why would I expect you to have answers in the last 10 minutes?

When in doubt, give away more information. Don’t do it at the expense of having an efficient presentation (there’s a massive drop-off in most presentations after an hour). But give away the good stuff.

Sell them the peripherals later. Give them the meat and potatoes if you want your attendees to know your level of expertise!

Secrets Photo by Aleera / CC BY 2.0

Stairs Photo by Håkan Dahlström / CC BY 2.0

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