5 Steps to Planning Your Next Marketing Campaign

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Marketing is a marathon. But sometimes you need to sprint.

In fact, you probably need to be sprinting more often than you jog. There always has to be downtime to re-evaluate, of course, but your overall plan is going to be made up of a series of sprints towards smaller goals.

You need a plan, too. Back to the marathon, if you just sprint your hind parts off, you’ll never finish a marathon. Sprint for a pre-determined time. Then recover.

Note that I don’t run marathons. I find the whole idea insane. So my analogy may be terrible.

Here’s are the 5 big steps you need to take when you plan out your next marketing campaign.

Begin With The End In Mind

That’s a little cliche isn’t it. Oh well.

What do you want to get out of this marketing campaign? You have to have a purpose for it.

The biggest flaw in many marketing plans is that they want everything, and want it right now.

The fact is that you have to focus on something. Do you want to make a lot of money? Or just make a lot of new customers? There’s a difference.

Maybe you don’t have a list yet. You need to focus on lead generation. Opt-ins.

Focusing on one aspect does not rule out others happening. A big product launch often results in increased launches. Brand new opt-ins will go into your autoresponder sequence and create new sales.

Just make sure you have a focused goal for the overall campaign.

Who Is Your Highly Targeted Audience?

What’s your ideal customer look like? What does he or she do? Does it matter if he’s a she? How old? Married? Kids? Pets?

There’s someone that is perfect for you. For this marketing campaign. Decide who they are.

Then start catering to that person and no one else. You cannot please everyone. Don’t even try.

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What Are Your Methods?

There’s so many options for your marketing today. What will you use?

You don’t have to limit this. It is only limited by your time. The key is that you plan them all out and make them fit together.

Email, social media, YouTube, blogging, live speaking, podcasting, and of course Webinars. They can all be a part of your marketing campaign. You just need to coordinate them.

How Long Do You Have?

Nail down your time frame now. How long is this sprint going to be?

A typical marketing sprint would last between 2 and 4 weeks. But it could be as short as a couple of days or significantly longer.

Knowing your time frame will help nail down which platforms to focus on. For example, a 2 week product launch focused on making a lot of money may not be affected by writing SEO driven blog posts trying to rank in Google (there’s just not enough time).

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Put It All Together

Finally, take the information you have gathered and lay out your plan. What is going to happen on each day of this marketing campaign?

I like to use a physical calendar. I like to write things out. But it’s usually just printed out. Then I’ll paste the whole thing into Google Calendar.

Keep in mind that you will have longer, over-arching campaigns happening during your little sprints. But when it’s time to sprint, get focused! Your marketing campaign will be much more successful in the long run if you take these steps.

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