How Many People Do I Need for a Webinar?

Setting up your first Webinar can be nerve racking. Maybe you are nervous about the presentation, or the using the Webinar software. But really, you are nervous about one thing – will anyone even show up!?

Maybe they will and maybe they won’t. If you have a something to say about anything people are interested in, you can get them there. It is simply a matter of getting the opportunity in front of the eyes of the right people, in order to get them there.

From there, you have to be scheduled for the right time. You need to make your Webinar sound like an event that people are going to enjoy and, more importantly, benefit greatly from.

If you already have a successful blog, a robust Twitter following, and an active Facebook page, then finding those eyes is easy. And they already know you are an expert.

Then again, if you had that, you probably would not be worried about people showing up though. I’m here with good news.

You need 1 person to make a Webinar go.

I know, I know. “Seriously!? ONE person? How AWKWARD!”

The great thing, though, is that with, they will never know they were the only person there – or two people, or in my case, 10 people.


What good is it to do a Webinar with 1 person, or even 5 or 10 people? There’s a good chance you won’t make enough money to cover your costs, after all.

Here are 4 reasons you should host that Webinar, even if only 1 person shows up:

  1. Your attendee will never know that attendee is singular. That means you are getting the same presentation experience (with less interaction). If only 1 person shows up, and they stay on for the entire duration, it’s a good sign that your presentation skills are adequate.
  2. You can contact that person. Again, as far as they can tell, they were one of hundreds, or even thousands. And you emailed, or even called (if you collected that information) to get their feedback? What great personal service! More importantly, you are talking to your first… only… potential customer.
  3. Test out all of your technology. Glitches and stumbles can’t hurt you. Face it, with an audience under 10 people, chances of converting any of them to a sale are slim. If things go horribly wrong, there’s no harm done.
  4. You will record the presentation, and you will use it! This is a great way to get the word about your presentation out there. People love free stuff. While they may not be able to attend your free Webinar, they will certainly want to watch your presentation for free on their own time. Turn your poorly attended Webinar into a “Special Report” after a little editing, and use it to entice sign-ups to your mailing list. Or add it to content for a special members only section (this is what I do).

Nervous about putting on that first Web Event because you don’t know if enough people are going to show up? Stop worrying! Have the Webinar. Put your all into the presentation no matter how many people show up, and get started making sales with your Webinars!


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