5 Reasons You Should Have a Guest Presenter On Your Webinar

Never hurts to bring a guest on stage! Photo by Scott Thomas
Never hurts to bring a guest on stage! Photo by Scott Thomas

I used to have a lot of guests on my webinars. I don’t anymore.

I’m not completely against having them. It does go against one of my primary objectives in hosting a webinar – establishing expertise.

In the early years of my football coaching business, I needed guests on my webinars and podcasts. I had no credibility. Being associated with established leaders in the industry helped to establish me.

So I used guests on my webinars to help my own positioning. Once I had a foothold, though, I stopped bringing them on.

Now I needed to establish myself as the expert, not just the guy that knew some experts. And so for the last year I have not had guests on my podcast or my webinars.

Here’s the weird thing. I’m established as the expert now. It worked. I have solid positioning in my market. And I’m ready to bring some guests back.

Do As I Say, Not As I Did

I’m not recommending that path, necessarily. I don’t think you should be all or nothing.

Just like anything else, moderation is the key. I’ve probably gone too far away from guests – and I was too dependent early on.

The other important consideration is the goal you have for using guest presenters on your webinars (and podcasts). Every time you host a webinar you need to have a clear goal.

Leads? Sales? Helping others? Positioning in your market? Gaining experience?

You can get all of those benefits from a single webinar. But you’ll maximize the event when you host a webinar with a specific goal in mind.

Early on, my primary goal was establishing myself as a “friend of the expert.” Now when I host a webinar with a guest presenter, the goals have changed. And so has my purpose for having a guest.

Plan to hit the right goal for your business. Photo by Paul Nicholson
Plan to hit the right goal for your business. Photo by Paul Nicholson

My Current Plan For Guests

My position is solidified (though always in motion). My fans know what my specialties are. And because I am transparent in my podcasts and webinars, they also know my weaknesses.

And so now, I can bring on a guest who fills in my weakness. That helps my fan base who are clamoring for more content in different areas.

And the circle continues. When I host a webinar with guest presenter who’s an expert at what I am weak at, I get a little credibility. I’m the guy who knows the expert.

Pretty soon, I get to do a presentation on my weakness… and it’s not my weakness anymore. Continuous cycle.

By using guests in this manner, you can constantly expand your areas of influence and expertise.

So what are your goals for your webinars right now? How can guests help you? Leave a comment!


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