If You Build It, Will They Come?

Robots vs Zombies, vs Ninjas vs PiratesMy greatest fear when I started doing Webinars was that no one would show up. That’s actually still a big fear.

I’m not worried that no one will show up. Not anymore. Just that not many people will show up.

I have given webinars with 8 people in the room.

Funny thing is, with most platforms… they have no idea. Using companies like GoToWebinar.com and WebinarJam, your attendees don’t know if there’s 8 or 800 people watching with them.

But we know. You can fake it in front  of a sparse crowd, but it’s much easier to shine when the lights are brighter!

So how do you get people to show up?

You market. Market your butt off. And don’t be ashamed.

If you’re doing a FREE Webinar, who are you offending? I understand not wanting to sell. It is not natural for some of us. We have to get over that, but I get it.

But you’re giving a gift! A valuable free training for anyone. Yes, there’s going to be a pitch when they get there.

Let’s talk about where we can find these folks…


How’s your Twitter following? If it’s good… hammer it.

In the days leading up to your webinar, be ruthless in pimping it on Twitter.

Post a link to your registration page hourly. Use a program like Hootsuite or BufferApp to do schedule those posts.

But don’t set and forget. Be sure to check in every few hours to answer questions.

If you do not have a Twitter account or a Twitter following, I suggest you get one. This is a great way to add registrations.

My personal Twitter account is smaller, but as of this writing I have about 2,500 followers on my Twitter @footballinfo for my football coaching business.

That number may not be impressive in some markets, but for my niche is is pretty good. And it is more than enough to produce 100 or more registrations on its own.


I love Facebook. Even with the recent changes in reach, I still like it.

Yes, reach sucks now. I used to post to my main football coaching Facebook account and get reach over 1,000 no matter what!

Now I’ll have posts with 20+ Likes that only get to about 300-400 fans.

I recommend you boost your Facebook posts. Advertising is a wide-open market.

Depends on what you do, but I’m paying somewhere between 4 and 10 cents per click for football coaching. That’s outstanding. With a registration page converting at 50% on average, I’m adding registrants for 20 cents a piece!

Amy Porterfield is the champ of Facebook marketing, and also a champ of profit-producing webinars. She recommends boosting your advertising with a big spend up front, to get early exposure. This will lower the cost per action as the campaign goes forward.

Your Email List

The money is still in the list. I can’t stress this enough.

Your Twitter, your Facebook, your webinars, your blog… you need them all. But they are geared toward one specific purpose.


That is all that matters if you want to sell more product, help more people, and make more money.

Once you get potential customers to your email list, you have access to them. You can start building the relationship that is so important.

Most of my webinar attendees come from a list of around 5,000 highly targeted subscribers. That’s the key.

A million subscribers who don’t care about your field is worthless. A list of 100 passionate members of your community can have limitless potential.

Be a Guest

I’m not talking about guest posting. Guest posting is good for driving traffic and even building your list. But webinars are marketed in too short of a window.

Instead, try to be a guest on podcasts in your field in the week or two leading up to your event.

Or be a guest on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. Ask for retweets and shares of your posts. Even better, get your network of business compadres to tweet and post links to your registration page for you!

People will trust that more than a simple retweet.

Another way to be a guest is to get others in your field to send out information about your webinar to their email list. That’s huge, especially when they have a bigger following than you.

If someone is just a good friend they might do this for you. Or if they really believe in your product.

But you should throw in a little added attraction. Offer to do the same for them down the road (if you have a significant list). Set up a special sweetened affiliate deal for them on your new product. Make it worth their while!

You don’t have to be an internet celebrity to host a packed and profitable webinar. But you do have to get out there and pound the pavement!
Photo by Kenny Louie / CC BY 2.0

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