Episode 44 – How To Be A Problem Solver

How do you become someone your audience can’t live without? How do you make your webinars become a ‘Must-See Event’?

You listen. Understand. Find out what the unique frustrations of your audience are. 

Then, you come up with solutions. And deliver them. 

Download my Free “How To Be A Problem Solver” Work Flow

[01:05] What does it mean to be a problem solver?

[04:12] Get the Problem Solver Work Flow

[04:46] Step 1: Ask Questions to find out what the probelm is 

[11:32] Step 2: Empathize with the person who has this problem

[15:08] Step 3: Come up with a list of possible solutions

[18:55] Step 4: Present your solutions… and give them away for free

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