Episode 46 – How To Increase Your Sales With Influence

I’m the last person (if you are, you need to change that). I finally took the time to listen to Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence

And it is great. I already knew the concept of triggers. But there’s another world in this book. 

In this episode we look at:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment & Consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Likeability
  • Authority
  • Scarcity

What does each of these triggers mean? How can you use it in your business? 

I’ll provide some explanations and examples for you today. Check it out!

Show Notes

[00:45] Intro to Influence by Robert Cialdini, and triggers

[02:50] The Mouthwash Tangent… 

[04:00] The 6 triggers for greater influence

[05:20] Reciprocity trigger – give value to get value

[08:20] Commitment & Consistency trigger

[11:45] How I use Click To Tweet to get a commitment

[12:50] Social Proof Trigger and testimonials

[16:42] The Testimonial Cruncher, how to get plenty of testimonials

[24:40] Likeability trigger – don’t be a corporation

[27:20] Authority trigger, how to be an important person to your audience

[31:00] How you can get interviews that will increase your authority

[33:32] Scarcity trigger, “Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!”

[37:00] Best practices for using triggers

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Episode 43 – 5 Tips for Great Customer Service

I honestly thought it was just a job. Paying the bills til I could get back to doing what I loved. 

But years later, I can tell you that working for the customer service department of Capital One for a few months was an incredibly valuable experience. I learned so much about how to handle people.

In this episode of the Webinar Marketing Podcast, we’re talking a little customer service. Listen to the episode to hear my 5 tips on better customer service…

  1. Make sure you both understand the problem
  2. Be empathetic to the customer’s problem
  3. Avoid using the word “YOU” or “YOUR”
  4. If it’s a little thing, let it go.
  5. Keep your customers in the loop

These are just a few little tips that can help your customer service. What’s your best customer service tip? Leave a comment!

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Episode 37 – 8 Webinar Tools I’m Using Right Now

What’s the secret? What are the real tools of the trade for profitable webinars?

Not much, really. Some hosting, a cheap mic and an internet connection.

You could do this thing for practically nothing. At least when you get started.

But when you get rolling, there are a few more tools you can add. The toolbox gets a little bigger when you start to really focus on webinars.

In this episode, I’ll tell you 8 tools (more really, but that’s OK) that I’m using for my webinars right now, including…

  • WebinarJam for hosting larger, free web clinics
  • GoToWebinar for hosting private, paid webinars
  • PowerPoint for… well, powerpoints.
  • Infusionsoft for all of my shopping cart and mailing list needs
  • Logitech USB Headset for a microphone, because nothing else works here since the aliens came
  • Bamboo Tablet for drawing diagrams (particularly in football webinars)
  • Facebook for my advertising… and my thoughts on some other platforms
  • LeadPages to handle my opt-in pages. I should have mentioned, I use it for my sales pages as well!

Photo by Tom Williams / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Tom Williams / CC BY 2.0

Are these all the tools that I recommend for you? Probably not. Depending on where your business is, and how many alien invasions your house has had, there are probably better tools.

You can find out exactly what I think you need to have to when you download my 5 Must-Have Tools for Creating Webinars (it was what I was using, at time time).

You’re also going to get a T.M.I. re-cap of one of my most recent webinars. It’s not the 6-figure blowout you hear from the top gurus, sorry. But it’s a pretty good profit for a few hours of work!

I really want to hear your feedback. What tools did I leave out? Which tools seem a little intimidating to you? Leave a comment below!

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Episode 27 – 5 Tips for Eliminating Boredom in Your Webinars

4691293308_81f1857a22_zThe ultimate enemy of the webinar: Boredom.

There’s so many distractions when people are sitting behind their computer, watching a webinar. They check email, browse the web, or check out Twitter.

Then there’s the cell phone, the kids, the dog, and everything else. A million ways your attendees can get lost.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to eliminate boredom from your webinars. Increase interaction from your audience and get more customers when your webinars keep everyone engaged!

The 5 strategies we’re going to talk about are…

  • Using polls to increase interaction
  • Fast moving pace with lots of slides
  • Being passionate about your topic – and making it show through
  • Use a “Pattern Interrupt”
  • Tease up your big secret solution at the end!

Listen to Episode 27 Now! And don’t forget to check out my new Webinar Training Course, Webinar Countdown.

Episode 23 – Building Your Sales Funnel Around Webinars

14895709353_cb99bf4eab_zWebinars can be a major part of building your business and creating sales. But they are only a part.

The Email list is still your best bet for getting more sales. The magic is all in getting potential customers onto your email list.

So we’re talking about the sales funnel. The basics of building a business.

It all starts with being seen. Social media, blogging, YouTube videos, a podcast…. how can you be seen? Are you going to be everywhere, or dominate one platform?

Then it’s time to get them back to the opt-in form. Get the email address! Here’s where Webinars come in. Are you going to give something away for free?

Once they’re on the list, or signed up for your webinar, it’s time to start… building relationships! Don’t jump the gun on sales.

Build relationships, build trust. Give value to get value.

And then once you make the sale, keep giving value. Keep building trust. Past customers are your best bet for buying again.

Webinars are an important part of your business, if you decide to use them… but they won’t make you a fortune on their own.


Photo by John Twohig BY-NC-ND 2.0