Episode 39 – How To Get More Leads With Webinars

You want more leads. No, you NEED more leads.

After all, you can’t make a sale if you don’t have a lead. And in the world of Online Business, leads come down to one thing… email addresses.

The holy grail. More email addresses. Could you pay someone for a big list? Sure. It wouldn’t be worth a crap to you. You need highly targeted leads.

Your tribe. Your people.

And you’ve heard all about Webinars, right? How awesome they are. How people come flocking to webinars. It’s the hot thing in internet business right now.

You can get more leads with Webinars. But that needs to be your objective. It’s different than a sales webinar.

Is your message getting to the right audience? Photo by Angus / CC BY 2.0

First, there’s a longer time period involved in launching your webinar. There’s more work involved. You’ve got to create a buzz, get people talking. Get people sharing.

Then you have to make them share even more. Their friend. Their mom. Their cousin they haven’t seen in 6 months.

An old business partner. A new business contact. Maybe their entire email list for their business.

Are they spreading the word about you?
Are they spreading the word about you? Photo by Ricky Thakrar / CC BY 2.0


There’s some grind involved here. Some elbow grease. This is not easy. Webinars are not a magic bullet.

There may even be a little luck involved. But if you hold your mouth right, Webinars can be a great tool for increasing leads for your business. Growing your email list. Getting things going.

Listen to Episode 39 of the Webinar Marketing Podcast and see how Webinars can be used correctly to create new leads for your online (or offline!) business.

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5 Steps to Planning Your Next Marketing Campaign

Photo by Ian Robertson / CC BY 2.0

Marketing is a marathon. But sometimes you need to sprint.

In fact, you probably need to be sprinting more often than you jog. There always has to be downtime to re-evaluate, of course, but your overall plan is going to be made up of a series of sprints towards smaller goals.

You need a plan, too. Back to the marathon, if you just sprint your hind parts off, you’ll never finish a marathon. Sprint for a pre-determined time. Then recover.

Note that I don’t run marathons. I find the whole idea insane. So my analogy may be terrible.

Here’s are the 5 big steps you need to take when you plan out your next marketing campaign.

Begin With The End In Mind

That’s a little cliche isn’t it. Oh well.

What do you want to get out of this marketing campaign? You have to have a purpose for it.

The biggest flaw in many marketing plans is that they want everything, and want it right now.

The fact is that you have to focus on something. Do you want to make a lot of money? Or just make a lot of new customers? There’s a difference.

Maybe you don’t have a list yet. You need to focus on lead generation. Opt-ins.

Focusing on one aspect does not rule out others happening. A big product launch often results in increased launches. Brand new opt-ins will go into your autoresponder sequence and create new sales.

Just make sure you have a focused goal for the overall campaign.

Who Is Your Highly Targeted Audience?

What’s your ideal customer look like? What does he or she do? Does it matter if he’s a she? How old? Married? Kids? Pets?

There’s someone that is perfect for you. For this marketing campaign. Decide who they are.

Then start catering to that person and no one else. You cannot please everyone. Don’t even try.

Photo by Ashley Baxter / CC BY 2.0

What Are Your Methods?

There’s so many options for your marketing today. What will you use?

You don’t have to limit this. It is only limited by your time. The key is that you plan them all out and make them fit together.

Email, social media, YouTube, blogging, live speaking, podcasting, and of course Webinars. They can all be a part of your marketing campaign. You just need to coordinate them.

How Long Do You Have?

Nail down your time frame now. How long is this sprint going to be?

A typical marketing sprint would last between 2 and 4 weeks. But it could be as short as a couple of days or significantly longer.

Knowing your time frame will help nail down which platforms to focus on. For example, a 2 week product launch focused on making a lot of money may not be affected by writing SEO driven blog posts trying to rank in Google (there’s just not enough time).

Photo by Photographer Name / CC BY 2.0

Put It All Together

Finally, take the information you have gathered and lay out your plan. What is going to happen on each day of this marketing campaign?

I like to use a physical calendar. I like to write things out. But it’s usually just printed out. Then I’ll paste the whole thing into Google Calendar.

Keep in mind that you will have longer, over-arching campaigns happening during your little sprints. But when it’s time to sprint, get focused! Your marketing campaign will be much more successful in the long run if you take these steps.

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Episode 38 – The Best Time For Your Best Webinars

When is the right time to host your next (or first!) webinar? Timing can be everything when you want to turn your web event into a big time conversion tool.

The simple answer is always the same. Test! You need to test.

Even with the ideas in today’s podcast, you’ll need to do plenty of testing. It is always about testing and figuring out what works best for you.

You never know when you’ll find new ideas, either. After a year of hosting webinars on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, I tried something new.

My first Sunday afternoon webinar was huge! And it was during a football game. Remember, my business is coaching football.

Photo by nicolas will / CC BY 2.0

We’re going to look at the right time of year, the right time of the month, the right time of week and the best time of day for you to host your webinars.

This is all about finding a reason to host your webinar on a specific day. It is NOT about finding excuses to postpone your webinar longer.

The big key to webinars is getting out there and doing it. Making things happen. Take control of your life and your business. Don’t use these timing ideas as a point for procrasination!

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Webinar Marketing on The Flipped Lifestyle

I forgot to mention it on the podcast. This past week I was a guest on The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast with Shane & Jocelyn Sams.

The interview was tons of fun and I think you’ll find some great stuff there. Shane and Jocelyn do an amazing job helping you launch a new business from the ground up and I was really excited to be a part of it. Listen to the interview here

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Do I Need to Blog to Make Money Online?

Photo by Christian Schnettelker / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Christian Schnettelker / <a
href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”>CC BY 2.0

For some people it’s math. For others, it’s writing.

That single task that we hate doing. Fear doing.

Most of the time that hate and fear (which suffering and is the path to the Darkside) comes from your belief that you are not good at it. No one likes doing stuff they’re not good at!

And so, for the same reasons others may not do their own taxes or budget expenses… You don’t write.

Now you want an online business presence. And all anyone talks about is that four letter word… B-L-O-G.

I could tell you all about how if you just start writing, you’ll get better. The fear will subside. After all, few people will see your blog articles in the first few months.

But I’m not (anymore than I just did). I’m going to answer the overriding question…

Do you have to write a blog to have an online business presence?

Short answer: No, you do not.

It definitely helps. But you don’t have to write a blog every week (or month, or at all) to build an online presence.

A blog provides a home base for most online businesses. A place you can refer people do. There they can click around for hours and read your information.

Photo by Abbey Hendrickson / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Abbey Hendrickson / CC BY 2.0

More importantly, your blog is a written document that can be searched and indexed by the great and powerful Google (and the other search engines too, I guess). If you write consistently for 6 months, you’ll probably get a couple of articles in your field ranked up there in the search engines and get consistent traffic.

But there are plenty of alternatives for both finding a home base, and for building your online presence…

Hosting a Podcast

iTunes can make a great home base for any business. Yes, there’s Stitcher and a few other places where listeners can find your podcast. But for the most part, you’ll be found on iTunes.

You aren’t hosted on iTunes though. I prefer to use Libsyn for my podcast hosting.

Libsyn makes a nice little page you can refer people back to to see all of your past podcasts as well, if they are not on iTunes.

Your YouTube Channel

Love being on camera? Perfect! Fire up your webcam or iPhone and start recording.

Like podcasting, plenty of people have built their business entirely around their YouTube channel. Creating daily or weekly content and uploading it for the world has never been easier, either.

The key is to be consistent, and to ask your viewers to subscribe. There’s a lot of people who stumble into videos on YouTube from other locations and aren’t experts. Educate them!

Remember that YouTube is a great place to repurpose pieces of your Webinars too!

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages make the perfect home base for the non-blogger. You can notify your fans about new videos or podcasts that you’ve done, upcoming webinars, and even new products.

Treat Facebook for what it is though. Do not let your Facebook Page be your soul link to your followers.

Facebook has proven they’ll pull the rug out from under you. That’s fine, it’s their ball. But you can’t become reliant on Facebook for visibility.

Photo by Sergio Alvarez / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Sergio Alvarez / CC BY 2.0

LeadPages for Sales Pages and Opt-Ins

You don’t like to write. But you still want to make money. And you want to host webinars, right?

Of course. Then you’ll need LeadPages if you aren’t going to build a blog.

LeadPages is perfect for you. They have a big selection of templates for video sales pages and opt in pages. That way you can still build your email list and fill up your webinars, without having to struggle through the pain of writing.

Of course, I highly recommend LeadPages even if you are writing a blog. [affiliate] For webinars, it also integrated directly with GoToWebinar.

But in the End…

In the end, I still recommend that you start blogging. It will get easier with time. You’ll find your voice faster when you write it out.

The search engine traffic is undeniable, too.

But if it’s a fear of writing that’s holding you back… Stop. Don’t let it. If you don’t want to be a blogger, you don’t have to be.

You can start your online business right now. You can host your first webinar without having 25 blog posts written.

However you decide to do it, what matters is that you get started right now!

What are your thoughts? Are you worried about blogging? Do online businesses have to have a blog? Post a comment!

5 Reasons You Should Have a Guest Presenter On Your Webinar

Never hurts to bring a guest on stage! Photo by Scott Thomas
Never hurts to bring a guest on stage! Photo by Scott Thomas

I used to have a lot of guests on my webinars. I don’t anymore.

I’m not completely against having them. It does go against one of my primary objectives in hosting a webinar – establishing expertise.

In the early years of my football coaching business, I needed guests on my webinars and podcasts. I had no credibility. Being associated with established leaders in the industry helped to establish me.

So I used guests on my webinars to help my own positioning. Once I had a foothold, though, I stopped bringing them on.

Now I needed to establish myself as the expert, not just the guy that knew some experts. And so for the last year I have not had guests on my podcast or my webinars.

Here’s the weird thing. I’m established as the expert now. It worked. I have solid positioning in my market. And I’m ready to bring some guests back.

Do As I Say, Not As I Did

I’m not recommending that path, necessarily. I don’t think you should be all or nothing.

Just like anything else, moderation is the key. I’ve probably gone too far away from guests – and I was too dependent early on.

The other important consideration is the goal you have for using guest presenters on your webinars (and podcasts). Every time you host a webinar you need to have a clear goal.

Leads? Sales? Helping others? Positioning in your market? Gaining experience?

You can get all of those benefits from a single webinar. But you’ll maximize the event when you host a webinar with a specific goal in mind.

Early on, my primary goal was establishing myself as a “friend of the expert.” Now when I host a webinar with a guest presenter, the goals have changed. And so has my purpose for having a guest.

Plan to hit the right goal for your business. Photo by Paul Nicholson
Plan to hit the right goal for your business. Photo by Paul Nicholson

My Current Plan For Guests

My position is solidified (though always in motion). My fans know what my specialties are. And because I am transparent in my podcasts and webinars, they also know my weaknesses.

And so now, I can bring on a guest who fills in my weakness. That helps my fan base who are clamoring for more content in different areas.

And the circle continues. When I host a webinar with guest presenter who’s an expert at what I am weak at, I get a little credibility. I’m the guy who knows the expert.

Pretty soon, I get to do a presentation on my weakness… and it’s not my weakness anymore. Continuous cycle.

By using guests in this manner, you can constantly expand your areas of influence and expertise.

So what are your goals for your webinars right now? How can guests help you? Leave a comment!