Episode 09 – Why Should Anyone Care About You?!

5342954678_06833c9557_zShould you even be presenting webinars? Does anyone really care about you?

People will only care about you if you give them a reason to. Give them a reason!

This is your Unique Selling Point, or USP. What makes you stand out from the crowd?

I was really pleased to be mentioned in Chris Ducker’s new book on Virtual Assistants. And then I saw something embarrassing on Amazon.

Someone created a carbon copy. Same title, less information (much less), and published it as a free kindle book.

Now, they’ll probably get plenty of looks. And downloads (it is free). But what is unique?

Anyone looking for information on the virtual assistant market is bound to find Chris and his book. So when they get a freebie from this joker, are they going to want to pay him any money?

No. Of course not! As far as I can tell, he doesn’t have a unique thought in his head.

But you do. There is something about you, that makes you unique.

It doesn’t have to make you special to everyone. Just special to a few people. Your eventual tribe.

When I first started Football-Defense.com, one thing made me unique. I was the only person creating online content about coaching defensive football.

Other than that, I was far from being an expert. And I still am, as far as I’m concerned.

What makes me unique in teaching people how to do a webinar? I have no training in business, or marketing, and I didn’t make my money selling make money online stuff.

There is something that makes you different in your space, from anyone else.2263141278_f41ca387d5_z

Maybe you’re the first. Probably not.

  • So what is it?
  • Did you learn your trade from someone special?
  • Have you put a unique twist on your talent that no one else does?
  • Can you teach people how to do what you do, more efficiently or more elegantly or more… Anything’ly?
  • Do you combine talents from another field into the one your business is being built on?

Find something that makes you unique. Everyone has it. Maybe you can’t see it… You just need to ask someone else.

I don’t shout my USP from the rooftops. I don’t even really have it written down.

It is in the back of my mind. When I produce content, I consider it.

More importantly, it gives me reason. Knowing my USP reminds me that someone out there would like to hear from me.
So what’s your USP?

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