Episode 07 – 8 Steps in Your Webinar Sales Funnel

Presenting a Webinar that sells is just like any other marketing plan. You create a funnel.

Each spot on the funnel will move potential customers along. If there’s a problem, good customers could fall out of the funnel!


The Webinar sales funnel starts with marketing your webinar and goes all the way through to your follow-up emails.

You should be tracking each step of the way as best you can. It isn’t easy, but there are a lot of tools to help you.

I admit to not being really proficient in tracking my sales funnel. I’m working to¬†sure things up this year.

Truthfully, I’m a pedal-to-the-metal type of guy. I like to just go and see what happens.

That’s a good thing because I get a lot done. But I’m never quite sure what worked and what didn’t.

I’m trying to get this Webinar funnel nailed down so I know what works. More important, I want to know what didn’t.

Here’s the steps in my Webinar sales funnel…

  1. The Registration Page – getting people there with my mailing list, Twitter, Facebook Ads, etc.
  2. The pre-Webinar AutoResponder & Reminder Emails
  3. The pre-Webinar, when people log in – Yes, you can lose or win people here!
  4. The Opening – Answer the question, “Am I in the right place?”
  5. The Presentation – No sleeping!
  6. The Pitch – OK pretty obvious right? This is the end!
  7. Nope… the Question & Answer – Some people just aren’t sold yet
  8. The Follow-Up Email – My webinars end late at night sometimes, these can be critical!

There’s one other key point… some people will fall out. You need to capture their email early.

Then you can put them into a separate funnel! They were interested at one point, and something kept them from you. Don’t lose them forever!

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