Episode 06 – Creating Your Webinar Presentation

iStock_000004581445XSmallThe presentation. The meat and potatoes.

Like many of you, I use PowerPoint on an almost daily basis.

My webinars are no difference. But you don’t have to use PowerPoint.

You can use several other tools like Keynote (for Mac users) or the free LibreOffice and Google Drive.

No matter what you use, the idea is the same. Keep it simple, keep it moving.

How can you create your top notch Webinar presentation?

More important, how can you do it without wasting a ton of time?

Your content is still the King. And Webinars are no exception.

Beautiful designs and elaborate images will not increase your sales (unless you’re selling graphic design…)

So keep it simple! Follow these tips to put together your next Webinar presentation in no time!

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