5 Reasons You Should Be Using Webinars

Chevelle for SaleWebinars are becoming a popular piece of the marketing platform. And for good reason.

When I started doing webinars, a lot of my potential customers didn’t know what they were. I spent a lot of time answering questions by email about what exactly I was offering.

Do I need a special software? Will I have to pay? What will I get? What do I have to do?

When I launch a webinar campaign today, those questions are much less frequent.

Webinars have become more common in my field, American Football Coaching. There’s probably a dozen companies offering webinars on a regular basis now. 

And I’m in a little bitty niche. Most internet marketing gurus would consider my field too small. Not very profitable. (they’re wrong)

Why are so many companies using webinars? Pretty obvious.

Because they work.

You need to get in on it. You need to get in on the profits.

Here’s 5 good reasons you should be using webinars as part of your marketing…

Establish Yourself as an Expert

When I first started presenting webinars, I was on the fringe of expertise.

I knew my stuff. I had written hundreds of articles. Sold thousands of eBooks.

But most of my market that knew who I was, thought of me as a guy who interviewed a lot of really great people.

There’s nothing wrong with interviewing good people. Talking to experts will make people view you as an expert. As least, they see you as a guy who knows experts.

But until they hear you and see you as an expert, the effect is not the same. Webinars can elevate you to the mythical “Expert” status.

There is just no better way to show a huge number of people how good you really are at what you do.

Webinars are Fun

Do you like the field you’re in? I hope so.

I love what I do. Whether it is coaching football or teaching people how to profit through webinars, I love doing it.

Getting on a webinar and talking about what I do, is just plain fun. I turn on the mic, and just roll for 45 minutes or so.

Then pitch a product you really believe in. Interact with your fans, people who truly believe you can help them. And you show them that, yes, in fact… I can help you.

An incredible feeling. Every time. I have never presented a webinar that felt monotonous. And I’ve done the same webinar presentation 5 times in 3 days.

Your Customers Value Webinars

Creating value. That’s the million dollar phrase you hear all the time.

If you create value, they will come. If you create value, they will buy.

Nothing creates value like a webinar campaign. The chance to listen to, get to know, and interact with an expert is priceless.

With enough influence, you could charge tens of thousands of dollars to customers just to sit in on your webinars. I can’t, but there are people who can.

I can charge enough to make it more than worth my while, though. And when I give them away for free, people know that. They show up.

Those are potential customers who are excited to hear what you have to say. When you do it right, they’ll leave ready to pay money to hear more.

Webinars Establish a Relationship

I’ve eluded to this already. You can establish a real relationship with someone in a webinar.

People can read your blog posts all dayYou are building a relationship this way… but not very strong.

Podcasts are the next step. Podcasts give potential customers your ideas, plus your voice. Your inflection.

They can hear how much you care.

Then there’s a webinar. With the technology available in webinars today, we can do so much more than a podcast.

Your audience will be able to see your ideas. Hear how much you care. Even see your face if you want to do that.

You can tell a story to your audience with images, colors, text and words. 

More important, in a webinar you will be able to interact with your audience during the all-important Question & Answer session. Your potential customers welcome you into their own minds.

They literally tell you the problems they have, and wait for you to solve them. That is a foundation for real relationships.

It goes both ways, by the way. I recognize the names of long time customers every time I host a webinar. I say Hi to them when they enter the room.

What do you think that means to them?

Webinars Convert!

You want to provide value. You want to build relationships. You want to make a difference in this world.

But you won’t do it for long if you can’t afford to pay the bills.

So many individuals and corporations are using webinars for one simple reason. They work.

Webinars sell.

Email marketing is still the king. Using webinars to build your list is an obvious benefit.

No one signs up for my webinars without being added to my mailing list.

But there’s more than that. Many people need more than the written word. They want to see and hear what you can do for them.

Webinars allow you to meet those needs. A well planned and presented webinar is going to not only build leads… but convert some of those leads to sales, right up front.
Photo by John Lloyd / CC BY 2.0

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