Episode 48 – The GoToWebinar Review

GoToWebinar is the most popular webinar hosting platform out there for internet marketers. So I should probably give it some time.

This episode is a review of the features for GoToWebinar.com. At least, what they are as I see it.

We talk about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. What works, what doesn’t.

GoToWebinar is the most reliable webinar hosting service I have used. It just plain works.

Webinar Marketing Podcast review of the GoToWebinar hosting platform

Plus it is a fully contained system. Host the webinar, host your recordings, build your registration page, send out your reminders, send out your follow-ups. It’s all here.

You can say that for some of the other services, too. But none of them are quite as intuitive as GoToWebinar. It’s great for your first time through.

The big issues are that there is no chat room for your guests. They can message you, but not each other.

I used to not care about that. But I love the idea of Social Presence and have pushed for more interaction in recent months.

GoToWebinar does not integrate directly with your mailing list, either. But there are some solutions. I’ll present a couple in the podcast.

The conclusion of the GoToWebinar review? If you want a reliable service for webinars… GoToWebinar is for you.

But if you are bootstrapping, the costs can be prohibitive. Still, your 30 Day Free Trial is worth using anyway.

Check out this episode!

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