Episode 47 – 6 Steps To Hosting An Awesome Webinar

You don’t need to be afraid to host a webinar. You just need to be prepared.

Do you have an audience? If not, you have to find one. Your first webinar will be better if you host it for an existing list.

If you have that audience alreaddy? No more excuses. Time to host a webinar!

In Episode 47 of The Webinar Marketing Podcast, I’ll take you through the 6 step checklist you need to follow to get your webinar out there.

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When you finish this podcast, you’re going to know exactly what direction to go in right now.

Let’s get started!

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Do I Need to Blog? [article]

Amy Porterfield

Show Notes

[05:00] Step 1 – decide on your purpose for the webinar

[11:28] how to choose your webinar title (headline)

[13:11] Step 2 – where is your traffic going to come from?

[19:11] Step 3 – choosing your webinar host

[20:40] Step 4 – building your registration page

[25:49] Step 5 – create your presentation

[27:57] Step 6 – time to shine!


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