Episode 04 – 5 Secrets to Giving Away Your Secrets

431100596_1a5654bf7b_zHow much information are you going to give away for free? The answer will surprise you.

Webinars are about establishing yourself as an expert. Building relationships. Creating trust.

You can’t do that if you have something to hide.

Put your best stuff out there in your webinar. You don’t have to put everything out there, but put your best stuff out there.

If you’re hiding something, no one will know your true genius in your field.

And they’ll know you have something to hide! Not much trust there.

Follow these 5 steps to have a successful web event…

  1. Remember the 80/20 Rule
  2. Give Actionable Steps
  3. Let them in on a “Game Changer”
  4. Don’t be shy in your Q&A Session
  5. When in doubt, tell them more

When you put together your webinar, keep these “secrets” in mind!

You’ll have more success when you open up your tool kit to your attendees.

Photo by klndonnelly / CC BY 2.0

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