Episode 39 – How To Get More Leads With Webinars

You want more leads. No, you NEED more leads.

After all, you can’t make a sale if you don’t have a lead. And in the world of Online Business, leads come down to one thing… email addresses.

The holy grail. More email addresses. Could you pay someone for a big list? Sure. It wouldn’t be worth a crap to you. You need highly targeted leads.

Your tribe. Your people.

And you’ve heard all about Webinars, right? How awesome they are. How people come flocking to webinars. It’s the hot thing in internet business right now.

You can get more leads with Webinars. But that needs to be your objective. It’s different than a sales webinar.

Is your message getting to the right audience? Photo by Angus / CC BY 2.0

First, there’s a longer time period involved in launching your webinar. There’s more work involved. You’ve got to create a buzz, get people talking. Get people sharing.

Then you have to make them share even more. Their friend. Their mom. Their cousin they haven’t seen in 6 months.

An old business partner. A new business contact. Maybe their entire email list for their business.

Are they spreading the word about you?
Are they spreading the word about you? Photo by Ricky Thakrar / CC BY 2.0


There’s some grind involved here. Some elbow grease. This is not easy. Webinars are not a magic bullet.

There may even be a little luck involved. But if you hold your mouth right, Webinars can be a great tool for increasing leads for your business. Growing your email list. Getting things going.

Listen to Episode 39 of the Webinar Marketing Podcast and see how Webinars can be used correctly to create new leads for your online (or offline!) business.

Check out this episode!

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