Episode 38 – The Best Time For Your Best Webinars

When is the right time to host your next (or first!) webinar? Timing can be everything when you want to turn your web event into a big time conversion tool.

The simple answer is always the same. Test! You need to test.

Even with the ideas in today’s podcast, you’ll need to do plenty of testing. It is always about testing and figuring out what works best for you.

You never know when you’ll find new ideas, either. After a year of hosting webinars on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, I tried something new.

My first Sunday afternoon webinar was huge! And it was during a football game. Remember, my business is coaching football.

Photo by nicolas will / CC BY 2.0

We’re going to look at the right time of year, the right time of the month, the right time of week and the best time of day for you to host your webinars.

This is all about finding a reason to host your webinar on a specific day. It is NOT about finding excuses to postpone your webinar longer.

The big key to webinars is getting out there and doing it. Making things happen. Take control of your life and your business. Don’t use these timing ideas as a point for procrasination!

Show Notes

  • GoToWebinar recording was very smooth when I did a recent webinar. You can sign up for a free trial with GoToWebinar through my affiliate link or visiting GoToWebinar.com.
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Webinar Marketing on The Flipped Lifestyle

I forgot to mention it on the podcast. This past week I was a guest on The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast with Shane & Jocelyn Sams.

The interview was tons of fun and I think you’ll find some great stuff there. Shane and Jocelyn do an amazing job helping you launch a new business from the ground up and I was really excited to be a part of it. Listen to the interview here

Check out this episode!

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