Episode 36 – Why Webinars are Overrated

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This ain’t no magic bullet.

Sorry to burst your bubble, folks. Webinars will not change your life – not overnight.

But they are an extremely valuableĀ piece of your marketing platform. They’ve changed my life. But it took some serious work.

My goal with the Webinar Marketing Podcast is to shorten the learning curve for you. Get webinars making a difference in your lifeĀ faster.

You should attack your marketing with lofty goals. But not unrealistic ones.

Photo by MudflapDC / CC BY 2.0
Photo by MudflapDC / CC BY 2.0

Here’s the deal…

  • You won’t make $1 Million in your first webinar. Not unless you have a huge business foundation already built.
  • You can’t host webinars every day. At least, not without some serious ad money being spent.
  • You’ll need a product. And an audience. People don’t get excited about the word ‘webinar’ and start handing over cash.
  • You do need to be an expert! At least, you need to know more than beginners.
  • You’ll need a personality. Sorry Mr. Stick-in-the-Mud but you need to loosen up to host a profitable webinar.
  • There’s a lot more than the 1 hour of presenting to this. Many hours of work will go into that 1 hour presentation. But it’ll be worth it if you do it right.
  • You might FAIL. Yep. But only if you’re looking at it wrong. You will learn something, and get better, every time you host a webinar.

Ready for a stiff dose of reality? And some ideas on setting your lofty but attainable goals for your webinars? Listen to Episode 36 of The Webinar Marketing Podcast here…

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