Episode 35 – Building Your Email List: The #1 Key to Webinar Success


There just isn’t a short cut to success in online business. There’s no shortage of people willing to sell you one, though.

Here’s what you should buy into… the Mailing List is the single most important component of your business success.

Not just a big mailing list. A highly targeted mailing list is much more valuable.

Webinars are no exception to this rule. If you want to have an outstanding webinar, you need to have an outstanding mailing list.

Yes, you can do webinars without having a mailing list. They won’t be as big, and they won’t be as successful though.

Webinars do work for a lead generation strategy, they just are not your best lead generation strategy.

And your best webinars are going to be the one’s with a group of people that already have a sense of community with you. They already know, like, and trust you.

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Hosting a webinar when you have a mailing list is like having half the battle already won.

So even if you’re eager to jump into webinars without your list, make sure you capture email addresses. Chances are that down the road, it will be the most valuable piece of property you have.

Listen to Episode 35…

Convinced? Listen to Episode 35 here and find out all about mailing lists for your business.

Not convinced yet? Then listen closer… you will be!

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