Episode 34 – Are You Genuine in Your Webinars?

8592305100_cdf65764f7_zOf course you want to make sales. We all do.

But if that’s all your after… be prepared to head down a bumpy road.

It’s tough to swallow, but the goal of your webinars cannot be simply to get everyone to click the “Buy Now!” button. No, you need a deeper purpose than that.

You have to be genuine in that purpose, too.

Webinars are different from a 500 word blog post, or a 3 minute video on YouTube. What you offer in a Webinar is really and truly a product.

A good webinar is something you could record and sell at a reasonable price without any hesitation. But you’re giving it away for free!

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The goal of your webinar should be to get your attendees, whether they purchase from you or not, to learn enough and be motivated enough to accomplish a task.

What do you want your highly targeted attendees to do when the webinar is over? What’s the next action they should take to reach their goal?

And an they do it without you? If you’re really genuine in your training, your webinar will show your expertise by getting your prospects to take action now.

With, or without, your paid products.


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