Episode 32 – 8 Sure Fire Ways to Ruin Your Webinar

15127287270_82544b9a38_zYou’re an expert in your field. Charismatic. Charming.

You have a great product, and a big list. Tons of people are registered for your next webinar.

How can you possibly mess this up?

Well… there’s a few ways. Listen to Episode 32 of the Webinational Webinar Podcast to find out the mistakes you need to avoid.

For starters, get a calendar. Nix that, just send a reminder on your phone or in Google Calendar. Don’t be late.

Be prepared to give more than you think you should. That’s always the rule. Making sales is a value for value exchange. Don’t skimp on the value.

You got ’em registered, but when you set up that registration email sequence… did you set up the reminders too? You should. Most people don’t set a reminder in their calendar.

Make sure you deliver on your promises. If you advertise a topic, you better be focused on that topic. No bait & switch tactics, time share guy.

On that same note… you better be able to back up everything you claim. Don’t tell someone it’s going to be easy, if you know it isn’t.

Be sure to capture email addresses. Not every will buy.

At least, not at the end of the webinar. But you can hit them up again and again with your awesome, valuable content. You just need an email address.

We hate to do it, but you have to sell at some point too. A common mistake is to keep spewing value for 2 hours.

There’s a significant drop off in most webinars after one hour of content. That means people are enthralled by you enough to sit and listen for one hour.

Then they leave, and you never deliver the pitch. Big mistake. Ask for the sale if you ever want to get it!

Finally, do not insult your audience. This is your tribe, your people. They believe you have something positive to offer to the world.

More importantly, you have something to offer them. And, of course, you hope they’ll want to offer you something (money). So take care of them!

Don’t be a jerk. That’s a general rule in life.

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Photo by Amy Alethia Cahill

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