Episode 29 – How Social Presence Increases Webinar Value

Laptop and BeerThe Online Education community is way ahead of us in webinar research. They don’t call it that… but the research is there.

And that doesn’t mean they’re better at it than the internet marketers out there. They just look at different metrics.

Like, we look at dollars and cents – they look at increased knowledge. Tests. GPAs.

To give a truly great Webinar, you need to educate your audience. Educate them like no one else can.

And you do not have the be the most knowledgeable, to be the best teacher.

In Episode 29 of the Webinational Webinar Podcast, I’m looking at research from the world of education into how we can improve the learning experience in our webinars.

It’s all about Social Presence Theory and creating a feeling of being there for your webinar attendees.

Plenty of actionable advice for you this week. Hope you enjoy it, and please leave your feedback in iTunes or email me at joe@joedaniel.com!

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