Episode 28 – 7 Ways to Repackage Your Webinars for Content

newcokeWebinars don’t have to be a one-shot deal. I don’t do replays normally – but I always record!

The recording of your webinar can be transformed into a bunch of different pieces of content. In this episode, I’ll explore 7 ways (8 ways! there’s a bonus) to repackage your webinar for added content.

Whether you want video, articles, or audio – you can hit all of your potential customer’s favorite mediums. And you can use these ideas to be everywhere for your customers.

The ideas in this episode include…

  • Having your webinar transcribed and edited into an eBook
  • Cutting up the video clips from your webinar to create a YouTube video
  • Using your webinar recording for content for a Membership site
  • Creating a series of articles from your Webinar
  • Plus 4 more ideas (including the Bonus #8!)

Listen to Episode 28 of the Webinational Webinar Marketing Podcast below, or find it in iTunes

Photo by Sam Teigen

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