Episode 27 – 5 Tips for Eliminating Boredom in Your Webinars

4691293308_81f1857a22_zThe ultimate enemy of the webinar: Boredom.

There’s so many distractions when people are sitting behind their computer, watching a webinar. They check email, browse the web, or check out Twitter.

Then there’s the cell phone, the kids, the dog, and everything else. A million ways your attendees can get lost.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to eliminate boredom from your webinars. Increase interaction from your audience and get more customers when your webinars keep everyone engaged!

The 5 strategies we’re going to talk about are…

  • Using polls to increase interaction
  • Fast moving pace with lots of slides
  • Being passionate about your topic – and making it show through
  • Use a “Pattern Interrupt”
  • Tease up your big secret solution at the end!

Listen to Episode 27 Now! And don’t forget to check out my new Webinar Training Course, Webinar Countdown.

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