Episode 26 – What is a Highly Targeted Audience?

9653414876_741961529a_kYou’re about to host a big webinar. You want a big audience.

But is it the right audience? The right one for you?

A highly targeted audience means a group of people who are like you. They want what you want, they need what you need.

They don’t mind spending money to get it… and they are ready to spend it right now.

You can’t bring in a bunch of people who kind of maybe want what you have and expect things to go well. You definitely can’t bring in people who are NOT interested in what you are interested in, and expect to change their minds.

You don’t need the biggest audience ever to make a dent in this world. You need the one that’s right for you.

Listen to Episode 26 of The Webinational Webinar Marketing Podcast as Joe Daniel talks about just what a Highly Tareted Audience is, and how your business can get one.

Photo by Nina Matthews Photography

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