Episode 25 – 4 Ways to Use Willpower for Your Webinars

8376271918_0ca57957fa_zWillpower and the concept of willpower has always fascinated me. Why can some people control themselves while others cannot?

I took the time to read up on willpower (or listen up, since it was an audiobook). Actually, I keep my word pretty well when I put my mind to something. But I wanted to know why I still sometimes falter.

The most fascinating part about willpower was how our brain works to help us make decisions. Why do we sometimes do what we want to do instead of what we know we should do?
It turns out the brain’s willpower decisions are made in the prefrontal cortex. Now I’m not into all of the anatomy of this… but I know there are 3 parts.

1 part focuses on what we know we should do. 1 part focuses on what we should not be doing.

Most importantly, a third part is focusing on making the decision.

In a high functioning brain, those 3 pieces work in tandem. You make good decisions most of the time.

In a brain that is not functioning quite so well… well, we tend to fall back on our instincts and make poor decisions not based on our long term goals in life.

Here’s where Webinars come in to play. Why are marketers always trying to trick the low funtioning brains?

Why do salesmen try to get us to make snap decisions based on our wants rather than our needs?
Instead, I want to create Webinars that are aimed at high functioning brains. Create products and services that are good for people.
To that end, Episode 25 of The Webinational Podcast was born. 4 ways you can use willpower to create Webinars for the high functioning brain.

Stop trying to trick your customers, or seek out low functioning brains. Your customers don’t need to have a couple of drinks to want to buy your stuff!

(booze shuts down the prefrontal cortex, by the way, making you a low functioning brain after a glasses of wine)

Ready to start selling to the upper crusts of brain power? Listen to Episode 25 now!


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