Episode 46 – How To Increase Your Sales With Influence

I’m the last person (if you are, you need to change that). I finally took the time to listen to Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence

And it is great. I already knew the concept of triggers. But there’s another world in this book. 

In this episode we look at:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment & Consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Likeability
  • Authority
  • Scarcity

What does each of these triggers mean? How can you use it in your business? 

I’ll provide some explanations and examples for you today. Check it out!

Show Notes

[00:45] Intro to Influence by Robert Cialdini, and triggers

[02:50] The Mouthwash Tangent… 

[04:00] The 6 triggers for greater influence

[05:20] Reciprocity trigger – give value to get value

[08:20] Commitment & Consistency trigger

[11:45] How I use Click To Tweet to get a commitment

[12:50] Social Proof Trigger and testimonials

[16:42] The Testimonial Cruncher, how to get plenty of testimonials

[24:40] Likeability trigger – don’t be a corporation

[27:20] Authority trigger, how to be an important person to your audience

[31:00] How you can get interviews that will increase your authority

[33:32] Scarcity trigger, “Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!”

[37:00] Best practices for using triggers

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Check out this episode!

Episode 45 – Is Your Webinar Host Shiny Enough?

I recently read a great article from Ken Molay that centers around one answer, to one question, from the CMO at ON24. And it really illustrates what you need to be looking for in your webinar hosting.

In fact, this article tells you all you need to know about your actual webinar presentation. Basically, it is this – can you connect with your audience?

Ken writes The Webinar Blog, and you can read this article here.

ON24 is a webinar hosting service – and not one I recommend for you or me, since I don’t think they’re in our price range – that’s looking forward. To creating new problems for you, and solving them.

Remember my podcast on how to be a problem solver?

OK, so the deal is this. Ken Robinson from ON24 (there’s two Ken’s in this story, no Barbie… hang with me) basically says that his company’s biggest issue is that webinars are old technology. And they need to find a way to make it seem new. To solve a new problem.

I get that. Telephones were old technology. Someone had to make them new. 20 years (or much more) later, we’re walking around with an iPhone.

I don’t know where that takes Webinars, but it’s not coming up with a bunch of shiny add-ons. We need simple. We need “get out of my way so I can connect with my customers!” technology.

Alright well shiny add-on’s worked for iPhone. Bad example. Music would be a better example. Remember records? CDs? Now we have MP3s. No wrappers or special inserts. Just music.

So listen to Episode 45 and tell me what you think. Is your webinar host ‘too shiny’?

Check out this episode!