Episode 44 – How To Be A Problem Solver

How do you become someone your audience can’t live without? How do you make your webinars become a ‘Must-See Event’?

You listen. Understand. Find out what the unique frustrations of your audience are. 

Then, you come up with solutions. And deliver them. 

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[01:05] What does it mean to be a problem solver?

[04:12] Get the Problem Solver Work Flow

[04:46] Step 1: Ask Questions to find out what the probelm is 

[11:32] Step 2: Empathize with the person who has this problem

[15:08] Step 3: Come up with a list of possible solutions

[18:55] Step 4: Present your solutions… and give them away for free

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Episode 43 – 5 Tips for Great Customer Service

I honestly thought it was just a job. Paying the bills til I could get back to doing what I loved. 

But years later, I can tell you that working for the customer service department of Capital One for a few months was an incredibly valuable experience. I learned so much about how to handle people.

In this episode of the Webinar Marketing Podcast, we’re talking a little customer service. Listen to the episode to hear my 5 tips on better customer service…

  1. Make sure you both understand the problem
  2. Be empathetic to the customer’s problem
  3. Avoid using the word “YOU” or “YOUR”
  4. If it’s a little thing, let it go.
  5. Keep your customers in the loop

These are just a few little tips that can help your customer service. What’s your best customer service tip? Leave a comment!

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