Episode 42 – 7 Selling Tips for Non-Sleazebags

There’s so much information out there today on selling. It’s easy to lose your way.

There are some pretty sweet tips and tricks that work. Once. Then the person you ‘tricked’ realizes it. And you never make the sale again.

In a well-run business, most of your sales will come from repeat customers, not first time buyers. That’s because you build a relationship with your newest customers.

You even build relationships with people who are NOT your customers. They may not buy, but they may spread the word to someone who WILL.

So when it’s time to close the sale in your webinar… don’t be a salesy sleazebag! In Episode 41 of the Webinar Marketing Podcast, I’m giving you 7 tips on how to NOT be sleazy when you sell…

  1. Give huge value. Alway over-deliver on the education.
  2. Don’t make your webinar all about you.
  3. Don’t use a pre-planned ‘act’ to get yourself over.
  4. Be proud of your offer… but not surprised.
  5. Think long-term. Build relationships.
  6. Only make claims you can back up.
  7. Ask yourself, would I be happy if my mom bought this?

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Episode 41 – How to Present From a Position of Power

Want to maximize your next webinar’s impact? You have to show people you know what you’re doing. 

That means confidence. Not overbearing confidence, of course. Just knowing that you are the right person to help the people in your audience. 

Here’s 5 tips for making sure your audience knows you are the Expert!

  1. Believe in your own product. Don’t sell it if it isn’t great.
  2. Rehearse your presentaion. Not to the point of being robotic, but make sure you aren’t reading off your slides.
  3. Meditate before the event on how much you will be helping people.
  4. Ask some questions and answer some questions from your audience before the presentation gets started, to get into a natural flow.
  5. Don’t look at the attendance. Present as if whoever’s there, is important. The number does not matter.

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Episode 40 – 7 Tips For Increasing Your Sales This Year

The New Year is finally here! And we all want to grow our businesses in 2015.

Whether you’re just starting out, or your business is bursting at the seams… more sales are probably a part of your plan.

Check out these 7 Tips I’m discussing in this episode of the Webinar Marketing Podcast…

  1. Research Your Customers
  2. Lower Your Price
  3. Raise Your Price (yes, they both work!)
  4. Offer Special Bonuses
  5. Offer a Little More of You
  6. Sell From a Position of Power
  7. Bundling!

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