Episode 19 – What to Do When It’s Over?

5691331436_c21738b62e_zWhen your Webinar ends, your job is just starting. But what do you do?

We love those special webinars that result in big time sales right off the bat. But a lot of your sales will happen later.

Now you run into some really important questions…

1. Replays: Good idea or Bad Habit? Are you getting your message to more people? Or does your audience just procrastinate on your presentation… the way we tend to do everything else!

2. Following up with Attendees – what’s the rule? Is it 3 days? This isn’t dating. Get back in touch quick. And give more value!

3. Sorry you missed it! What about the no-shows? What do we do about those guys? Well besides a replay, you can offer much more value. Or maybe even another show!

The art of great Webinar presentations goes far beyond the presentation itself. Your job continues from there. So listen to Episode 19 of the Webinational Webinar Marketing Podcast for some important tips on how to do it right.

Photo by Christina Welsh / CC BY 2.0

Episode 18 – 5 Techniques to Keep Your Crowd

You’ve filled up your Webinar today. Are they going to stay?


Sometimes we get too caught up in the big stats. How many signed up? How many showed up?

But what really matters is… how many stayed?

Transitions are a major factor to who stays and who does not. You have to plan your transitions ahead of time to really give a killer presentation.

So here are 5 techniques that will keep your webinar attendees engaged and attentive during your next webinar…

Asking Questions: Ask questions that engage people’s brains.

Give a Recap: You know the old line, tell them, tell them you told them, etc…

Telling a Story: Stories are the basic way that humans communicate. And stories are supposed to have a point. People will stick around for the point! (for a while)

Fill in the Blanks: Begin with the end in mind. Then pave the road to it.

Use a Hook: Set the line and reel ’em in! What gets people excited? How can they do it?

Transitions between each segment of your presentation are crucial. And you need to think about them before you get on the webinar.

What’s your favorite transition method?

Photo by Jason Eppink / CC BY 2.0

Episode17 – Your Disaster Prep Kit

When I started doing these podcasts at the beginning of last month, and planning to put out 20 episodes in 1 month, I never realized how appropriate this one would be.

See I have a list. In fact, a hand-written list that was scanned (OK, photographed with my iPad) into Evernote back before I started.

webinationalpodcastAmazingly, a spill caused the pre-recorded titles for Episodes 17 to 20 to be almost un-readable. That was a sign.

Because it was right as the time to record Episode 17… this one, pre-recorded title “How to Deal with Disasters”… that my computer died.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this episode was recorded on a brand new lap top. I hope it sounds good. It feels more expensive.

It’s funny how these things happen. It has taken nearly two weeks to get back on track.

In this episode, we’re talking about how to deal with those disasters. And get back on track fast.

Faster than I did. That’s not hard.

We’ll talk about pre-Webinar disasters like mailing list issues. I’ve had those all week.

Of course, there’ll be the Webinar disasters. Bad connections. Faulty equipment. Trolls.

And the post-show disasters. One that provides another reason I do not ever promise recordings.

So here it is, give Episode 17 of the Webinational Webinar Marketing Podcast a listen!


Photo by whatleydude / CC BY 2.0