Episode 02 – 4 Product Ideas You Can Sell Now


If you’re listening to this podcast, I can make one assumption…

You want to make some money.

Do you have something to sell?

More importantly, do you have something that people want to buy?

The second episode in the Webinational.com 30 Days to a Profitable Webinar series focuses on finding something to sell.

Even better, we’re going to talk about selling when you don’t actually HAVE anything!

Here are the four options discussed in the podcast…

  • Creating an eBook to sell
  • Selling a group training
  • 1 on 1 Consulting
  • Selling someone elses stuff – Affiliate Products from sites like ClickBank

There are lots of other products. These are some of my favorites.

Have questions? Email me at joe@joedaniel.com

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Find the Webinar Hosting Service that is Right for You

400149167_cc18cf3441_zChoosing who to host your webinar with should not be a stumbling block. There are plenty of great companies to use.

I have tested a lot of companies. Only 3 have suited my needs.

This is not the definitive list of all time. As technology advances, there will be more options. Stick around Webinational to keep up with the latest and greatest!

My 3 options each satisfy a different person…

The Beginner

First webinar? Not sure how much you want to put into this thing?

My personal choice for the best free service is AnyMeeting.com. AnyMeeting is a quality platform that can handle up to 200 registrants (more than most other free options).

There is an ad panel on the webinar platform when you use the free option. It is not wildly distracting. I’ve never had a webinar attendee complain.

AnyMeeting has a good recording feature if you like to present replays or re-purpose your presentations (you should).

If you were doing this in a niche like Internet Marketing, people might know you were being cheap and using a free service. In just about everything else, they have no idea.

I had some technical difficulties with AnyMeeting and moved on from them. It may have been a problem with my own setup, because usually everything worked fine. But, as with anything else, you should test it out.

There is an upgraded pay version of AnyMeeting that will remove the ads. Click here for all the details.

The Professional

Want to look like a true professional? GoToWebinar.com is the only choice.

OK you can look like a professional with a lot of services… but for anyone who wants a really solid platform, this is it.

The interface is great. Easy to work with, smooth. Very few technical difficulties (even with my rickety old PC).

You want a set-it and forget-it webinar platform? Here it is.

GoToWebinar features just about all the bells and whistles, too. Show your screen or use your web cam (or switch seamlessly back and forth).

The apps for use on phones and tablets are second to none. I’ve never had a complaint from someone who could not watch the webinar on any device.

I find more and more potential customers are already familiar with GoToWebinar. They feel comfortable with the software and already have the app on their tablet.

That alone may be a deciding factor for you. Want to look like you know what you’re doing? Use GoToWebinar.

You’ll pay more – the most expensive of these 3 options. But you won’t tear your hair out in the process.

Ready to try a Free Trial with GoToWebinar? Sign up here!

The Rebel

Are you the typical first-adopter? The guy who has every gadget before the bugs are worked out?

I am. I love the cutting-edge stuff. And I can live with an occasional hiccup.

I started using WebinarJam a few weeks ago. I have run it through the ringer, hosting a series of small webinars just to test out the features.

Later I started hosting larger webinars. There is no size limitation, which is great. Unlike GoToWebinar, you don’t have to pay a really exorbitant sum when you get over 100 attendees.

Better yet, you don’t have to worry about potential customers being turned away because the webinar is full. I hate that.

WebinarJam is full featured. There’s some great looking registration page templates. You also have the ability to add text messaging.

The most important feature for me, is full integration with my Aweber account. It also integrates with a lot of other mailing lists.

That means I’m capturing emails of everyone who registers. I can add them to my autoresponder campaign immediately.

The downside? I’m still nervous that the product is based off of Google Hangouts. That means there’s a moving part that the good folks at WebinarJam have no control over.

But the price is right. As of writing this article, you can get a yearly membership for a fraction of even the lowest priced GoToWebinar account.

WebinarJam recordings are saved directly to YouTube, so if you want to keep your recordings to yourself you need to jump into your YouTube account after the presentation and change the settings on the recording to private.

I’ve had some communication with the Customer Service, even during the height of their product launch, and found them to be very supportive.

If you’re willing to try something new, check out WebinarJam right now. [affiliate link]

Regardless of which category you fall into, you can try any of these with no risk. AnyMeeting is free. GoToWebinar has a free trial. And WebinarJam has a money back guarantee.

There are also plenty of other services to explore. If you are ready to take action, pick one of these 3 and go shopping later!

So whatever you decide to do, do it! Don’t let choosing your platform slow you up from presenting a profitable webinar.
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Episode 01 – 5 Reasons You Should Market with Webinars

You’ve probably attended a webinar. You might have even bought something.

Or you are just looking for a new way to sell. A way to expand your marketing.

New business or old. New product launch or your top selling classic product.

You can use webinars to expand your marketing platform.

Webinational.com begins 30 Days to a Profitable Webinar. There’ll be a new podcast every week day for 4 weeks.

At the conclusion, you’ll have the information needed to create profitable webinars for your business.

In this episode, we’re looking at 5 reasons webinars should be part of your business marketing plan…

  1. Webinars establish you as the expert
  2. They are FUN to present
  3. Your customers value webinars
  4. Build a relationship through Webinars
  5. Webinars CONVERT! That’s what matters most!

Jump in and join us for 30 Days to a Profitable Webinar. Subscribe in iTunes!
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5 Secrets About Giving Away Your Secrets

secretWebinars are great for establishing yourself as an expert. They build relationships with potential customers in your market.

You can’t be considered an expert if you don’t show it though! But how many secrets can you give away?

A common concern about webinar presentations is that you’ll be giving away too much free information. If you teach them everything, what incentive to attendees have to buy from you?

Teach them nothing, and they have zero incentive to buy.

You just have to give away some secrets. Here are 5 secrets about giving away your secrets…

1. Remember the 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle. 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your actions.

Consider giving away the 20% of actions that produce results. You’re only giving away 20% of what you have to offer, but your webinar attendees will get huge results from it.

If potential customers see how much the free teachings did for them, they know the rest of the teachings are good.

2. Give Actionable Steps

Whatever you decide to teach, you should leave your attendees with an action to take.

I teach how to coach American Football on my primary websites. It’s not the make money online space that you always read about.

My customers are coaches. They have playbooks.

When someone attends a webinar, they are more likely to become a paying customer when they walk away with a new page in the playbook. Or a way to stop their biggest rival.

They are not going to be able to actually apply the knowledge because most of my business occurs during our off-season. But the action of adding a page, or making an adjustment to their plan, is enough.

When you do something that is a little more actionable, you should give specific instructions.


Do you teach customers to create Arts & Crafts? Your webinar should leave them with specific instructions to create something cool.

No one just wants to make ONE cool thing, right? No, they want you – the expert! – to teach them how to make tons of cool stuff!

And yes, if you teach people to make money… give them something that will make them a dollar or two, at least.

ACTION is huge here. I go to countless webinars where I get ideas. The one’s who give me actions to implement, are the folks more likely to get my hard earned money.

3. Give a “Game Changer”

Give your attendees something that completely changes the game. Create the Aha! moment for them.

The best way to do that is to present an idea or action and accompany it with your own game changing story.

Humans are drawn to stories. We eat them up.

Remember that for thousands of years, history was only kept through oral history… right, story telling.

How many classic religious texts and tales are preserved only because civilizations kept retelling the story? Story telling is woven into our DNA.

So tell a story. A great story. A game changing story.

Then tell ’em how you did it. And how they can change the game too.

4. Don’t Be Shy in the Q&A

I’ve given some webinars where I thought I gave away the farm. I taught it all.

Then I gave the pitch. “Buy this, because… well… maybe you didn’t write it all down!”

Wishful thinking.

But I knew there was still a couple nuggets in the product. Until the Q&A Session.

In that portion of the webinar, a couple attendees ask the million dollar question.

And I answer it. No hesitation. (ok a little hesitation at first)

Don’t hold back. Remember, you’re the expert.

Having a great presentation will make you look like an expert. Answering their burning questions on the fly with more solid gold advice solidifies that position!

5. When in Doubt, Give More

Better to give 90% of your secrets and leave your new followers feeling like they were privy to a true insider’s roundtable, than to give away 10% of your secrets and leave your frustrated guests feeling like they just wasted 90 minutes of their life.

I have attended both, in my day.

Honestly, I have presented both, as well. At times, I have just known at the end of an hour that I didn’t help anybody.

I try to salvage it in the Q&A session, but by that time no one’s sticking around to ask questions. You didn’t have any answers in the first hour, why would I expect you to have answers in the last 10 minutes?

When in doubt, give away more information. Don’t do it at the expense of having an efficient presentation (there’s a massive drop-off in most presentations after an hour). But give away the good stuff.

Sell them the peripherals later. Give them the meat and potatoes if you want your attendees to know your level of expertise!

Secrets Photo by Aleera / CC BY 2.0

Stairs Photo by Håkan Dahlström / CC BY 2.0

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Robots vs Zombies, vs Ninjas vs PiratesMy greatest fear when I started doing Webinars was that no one would show up. That’s actually still a big fear.

I’m not worried that no one will show up. Not anymore. Just that not many people will show up.

I have given webinars with 8 people in the room.

Funny thing is, with most platforms… they have no idea. Using companies like GoToWebinar.com and WebinarJam, your attendees don’t know if there’s 8 or 800 people watching with them.

But we know. You can fake it in front  of a sparse crowd, but it’s much easier to shine when the lights are brighter!

So how do you get people to show up?

You market. Market your butt off. And don’t be ashamed.

If you’re doing a FREE Webinar, who are you offending? I understand not wanting to sell. It is not natural for some of us. We have to get over that, but I get it.

But you’re giving a gift! A valuable free training for anyone. Yes, there’s going to be a pitch when they get there.

Let’s talk about where we can find these folks…


How’s your Twitter following? If it’s good… hammer it.

In the days leading up to your webinar, be ruthless in pimping it on Twitter.

Post a link to your registration page hourly. Use a program like Hootsuite or BufferApp to do schedule those posts.

But don’t set and forget. Be sure to check in every few hours to answer questions.

If you do not have a Twitter account or a Twitter following, I suggest you get one. This is a great way to add registrations.

My personal Twitter account is smaller, but as of this writing I have about 2,500 followers on my Twitter @footballinfo for my football coaching business.

That number may not be impressive in some markets, but for my niche is is pretty good. And it is more than enough to produce 100 or more registrations on its own.


I love Facebook. Even with the recent changes in reach, I still like it.

Yes, reach sucks now. I used to post to my main football coaching Facebook account and get reach over 1,000 no matter what!

Now I’ll have posts with 20+ Likes that only get to about 300-400 fans.

I recommend you boost your Facebook posts. Advertising is a wide-open market.

Depends on what you do, but I’m paying somewhere between 4 and 10 cents per click for football coaching. That’s outstanding. With a registration page converting at 50% on average, I’m adding registrants for 20 cents a piece!

Amy Porterfield is the champ of Facebook marketing, and also a champ of profit-producing webinars. She recommends boosting your advertising with a big spend up front, to get early exposure. This will lower the cost per action as the campaign goes forward.

Your Email List

The money is still in the list. I can’t stress this enough.

Your Twitter, your Facebook, your webinars, your blog… you need them all. But they are geared toward one specific purpose.


That is all that matters if you want to sell more product, help more people, and make more money.

Once you get potential customers to your email list, you have access to them. You can start building the relationship that is so important.

Most of my webinar attendees come from a list of around 5,000 highly targeted subscribers. That’s the key.

A million subscribers who don’t care about your field is worthless. A list of 100 passionate members of your community can have limitless potential.

Be a Guest

I’m not talking about guest posting. Guest posting is good for driving traffic and even building your list. But webinars are marketed in too short of a window.

Instead, try to be a guest on podcasts in your field in the week or two leading up to your event.

Or be a guest on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. Ask for retweets and shares of your posts. Even better, get your network of business compadres to tweet and post links to your registration page for you!

People will trust that more than a simple retweet.

Another way to be a guest is to get others in your field to send out information about your webinar to their email list. That’s huge, especially when they have a bigger following than you.

If someone is just a good friend they might do this for you. Or if they really believe in your product.

But you should throw in a little added attraction. Offer to do the same for them down the road (if you have a significant list). Set up a special sweetened affiliate deal for them on your new product. Make it worth their while!

You don’t have to be an internet celebrity to host a packed and profitable webinar. But you do have to get out there and pound the pavement!
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