Episode 06 – Creating Your Webinar Presentation

iStock_000004581445XSmallThe presentation. The meat and potatoes.

Like many of you, I use PowerPoint on an almost daily basis.

My webinars are no difference. But you don’t have to use PowerPoint.

You can use several other tools like Keynote (for Mac users) or the free LibreOffice and Google Drive.

No matter what you use, the idea is the same. Keep it simple, keep it moving.

How can you create your top notch Webinar presentation?

More important, how can you do it without wasting a ton of time?

Your content is still the King. And Webinars are no exception.

Beautiful designs and elaborate images will not increase your sales (unless you’re selling graphic design…)

So keep it simple! Follow these tips to put together your next Webinar presentation in no time!

Episode 05 – Find Your Webinar Hosting Service

6183796453_4696ae16bf_zPresenting a webinar takes a lot of preparation. Finding a hosting service doesn’t.

I’ve broken it down for you here. There are tons of services available but these are the one’s that work for me.

There’s something for everyone here…

Beginners can use the free AnyMeeting.com service

Professionals will want to use GoToWebinar.com

Rebels are going to step out the latest, WebinarJam.com

If choosing a service is holding you up, stop wasting time.

  • AnyMeeting.com is free.
  • GoToWebinar.com has a free trial.
  • And WebinarJam is awesome. And offers a guarantee.

So pick the one that fits you best and get to work!


Photo by trini61 / CC BY 2.0

Episode 04 – 5 Secrets to Giving Away Your Secrets

431100596_1a5654bf7b_zHow much information are you going to give away for free? The answer will surprise you.

Webinars are about establishing yourself as an expert. Building relationships. Creating trust.

You can’t do that if you have something to hide.

Put your best stuff out there in your webinar. You don’t have to put everything out there, but put your best stuff out there.

If you’re hiding something, no one will know your true genius in your field.

And they’ll know you have something to hide! Not much trust there.

Follow these 5 steps to have a successful web event…

  1. Remember the 80/20 Rule
  2. Give Actionable Steps
  3. Let them in on a “Game Changer”
  4. Don’t be shy in your Q&A Session
  5. When in doubt, tell them more

When you put together your webinar, keep these “secrets” in mind!

You’ll have more success when you open up your tool kit to your attendees.

Photo by klndonnelly / CC BY 2.0

How to Create Your Webinar Presentation Fast

powerpointTechnology has come a long way in the online presentation world. You can do just about anything you could do in a live seminar.

That does not mean you have to. Webinars can be pretty simple, really.

And you know what converts to sales? Great presenters.

Not great presentations.

Don’t knock yourself out. Unless you’re selling your Graphic Design services, the presentation does not need to be visually stunning.

How to Start Your Presentation

Start by opening up a blank PowerPoint project.

You can also use LibreOffice, a free alternative for PCs, or Keynote on Mac.

Click Here for a quick video to show you how easy it is to put your presentation together in PowerPoint…

Some of my best converting webinars are my simplest. In fact, creating the presentation is something I spend relatively little time on.

I’ve put presentations together less than 6 hours before the webinar. I don’t recommend it, but it’s who I am.

Bad strategy on the FIRST one, for sure. But keep it in mind.

Selecting a Design for your Presentation

You do not need a fancy design. I rarely use a design anymore.

My preference is for white background with black or red text. Most people associate blue text with a link – so use it for your links.

Use animation to show short, bulleted text points. For key ideas, give the statement a page all to itself.

You want to keep your webinar moving quickly. There should be a change in the slide every 30 seconds to a minute, if possible.

People’s brains need stimulation. If the webinar screen doesn’t change for a long period time your attendees with either 1) switch to another window to check email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. or 2) worry that their screen has frozen.

What about Images?

You can really drive yourself insane trying to find or create images for your webinar. But you shouldn’t.

8 to 10 images are enough. It does, of course, depend on your field.

For my football coaching business, play diagrams are a must. Early on, I would try to have 25-30 of them. Now, it’s more like 5 or 6.

I do use a Bamboo Tablet to draw or add to a diagram during presentations sometimes. If that fits your market, get one. I use mine all the time.

One image you should use: a picture of yourself, at the beginning. If you’ll be turning on the web cam you can skip this. But put a face behind the slides.

Add Reminder Slides

My slides are my notes. I have nothing else with me. There’s no need for it – the presentation guides me.

That means I need some reminder slides. I can get carried away during a presentation!

I add in slides that remind me to introduce a contest, or announce the winners (I’ll talk about using contests another time).

Other slides tell me when to start the pitch, and when to start the Q&A.

If there is anything you think you might forget, add a slide for it.

When I first started presenting webinars, I had audio issues. It is the reason I stopped using AnyMeeting (I’m pretty sure it was my wonky computer, but I made the change anyway).

Then I had a microphone with a loose cable. That’s the same Blue Snowball I use now. I have a new cable.

5523574661_aeff5a2b56_zSo I added a slide in… 2nd slide after the intro page, all it says is, “Can you hear me now?”

I bring that slide up and look for a bunch of “Yes” answers in the chat before I move into the meat and potatoes.

That might seem amateurish. It’s not. It gives me peace of mind that the presentation is being heard.

More important, it gets a huge percentage of my guests interacting.

I keep them interacting with poll questions and contests, and then when it’s time for the pitch… your webinar attendees are used to doing what you ask them to do!
Photo by Bendrew V / CC BY 2.0

Episode 03 – If You Build It, Will They Come?

3857732258_6b76830d85_zWhat’s your biggest fear about hosting a webinar?

Mine hasn’t changed, even after doing nearly 100 webinars.

What if no one shows up? What if people don’t care what I have to say?

Here’s the good news. It really does not matter.

Especially on the first one. But even after you’ve done a few of them, you can always gain something from presenting your webinar to even the smallest audiences…

  • Get experience presenting your webinars
  • Record the presentation and repurpose it later
  • You can still make a sale!

In most webinar platforms, the attendance is hidden. They don’t know they are alone.

Presenting to an empty room is tough. Presenting to an empty webinar is easy.

Now, you don’t want to be sitting in there alone. So what do you need to do?

Get folks to show up.

In this episode, we talk about how you can fill up your webinar event with highly targeted potential customers.

Photo by Wikimania2009 / CC BY 2.0