Episode 16 – They Signed Up! Now What!?

You did a great job! People are registering for your webinar. They are excited to hear what you have to offer!

Now, you have to make sure they hear it. The process of getting attendees for your exciting new webinar is not done.

dontforgetHow can you make sure people actually show up?

Using a series of autoresponders and reminder emails, you can get maximize your conversion rate – from registration, to attendee.

Remember that your webinar is part of a big sales funnel. Don’t let this part be the bottle neck!

For most webinars, only 40% to 60% of the people who registered will actually show up. A lot of them are falling out of your funnel here (you can pull them back if you captured their email, later).

OK, 60% is a really good number. But anything below 40% is a really bad number.

First, make sure you’re getting targeted registrations. In other words, do the people who register really want to hear you?

Let’s assume that you do that and move on with your autoresponders and reminder emails…

How Many Emails?

3 is the magic number. It has been since Ancient times. Why go against it?

I like 3 emails, but it depends on what you have to say. And space them out as best you can.

  • Always have an email with value that goes out immediately following their registration.
  • Send another email 1 to 3 days later. If you go longer than that, they may forget who you are.
  • The third email is 1 to 3 days after the 2nd, but no more than 2 days out from the actual webinar.

Let’s say my webinar is going to be on Wednesday. So on Thursday of the week prior, someone registers for it.

They’ll get a valuable email on Thursday. Another will come to them on Sunday. The third will show up in their inbox on Tuesday.

Each email has valuable content. It can be fresh, original content. Or it can be links to articles and podcasts you’ve done in the past that relate to the webinar topic.

Videos work great, too.

The important result is they get to know you, and start to see how valuable starting a relationship with you can be. You can include links to products, just so people know about them… but no heavy selling here.

The Reminder Emails

Now it’s time for the reminder emails.

Send one out the day before. That way people have time to adjust their schedule – in case they forgot.

The next reminder should go out the morning of the Webinar.

Your last two reminders come really close together – 1 hour before, and again only 5 to 15 minutes before the start.

That last one is the most important. It will really kick up your attendance.

Another great way to send reminders is by text message. There are services that will do this for you.

I’m using a service called http://tropo.com but I can’t fully recommend them yet.

All of this may seem like overkill, and it is. But that’s what you want.

Most people who register for your webinar have a genuine interest in what you have to say. Sending those value packed email autoresponders will prove to them that they were right to feel that way.

Some will have things come up. Life gets in the way.

Others just plain forget! How horrible is it that someone really wanted to learn what you were teaching… but they were watching stupid YouTube videos instead!?

Don’t let that happen! Get them to your webinar!

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