Episode 15 – How to Maximize Your Webinar Attendance

4863551025_6df6d4250a_zGreat webinars are only great because of the reaction you get. And yes, even if only person is there to have that reaction – it means it went pretty well.

But you don’t want one person! You want a hundred, or a thousand!

So it’s time for the Registration process.

In the free video on my site, 20 Minutes to a Profit Making Webinar, I walked through the process of setting up that Webinar. But we stopped at registration.

There’s a lot to consider…

  • How soon to start getting registrations
  • How to set up your Webinar registration page
  • Where to go for your registrations
  • What to offer for those who sign up (if anything)

These aren’t hard considerations. They require a little testing.

You should try multiple times. And go to multiple places.

But in today’s episode of The Webinational Podcast, I’ll tell you some of my experiences.

Photo by Pete Brown / CC BY 2.0

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