Episode 14 – Tips and Tricks for Webinar Tips and Tricks

8599676459_bdc91ab1e1_zThere’s more than one way to skin a cat.

I do not subscribe to one particular style. Not in anything, really. I have my own style, but that doesn’t mean it is the way.

Filling up your webinars, maximizing interaction, increasing sales… no exception. There are many ways to do it.

So a lot of the tips and tricks I’ll talk about in this podcast, are not part of my primary model. I’ve tried most of them, though.

In this episode of the Webinational Webinar Marking Podcast, day 14 of 20 Days to a Profitable Webinar, we take a look at…

  • Using Pre-Webinar sales pitch in emails. You attempt to sell attendees on a lower cost, entry level item before the webinar. That gets them used to buying from you, and shows the quality of what you do.
  • Contests during the webinar to put butts in seats. This is also a great way to increase engagement and get some social activity when done well.
  • Replays after the webinar, to recapture those poor lost souls who missed out. And sell them.
  • Using a recorded webinar as an opt-in strategy (plus sales)

There’s lots of little tricks you can use, but these are some of the most popular. I’ll talk about how to use them, and whether or not each one is a good idea for your business.

Listen to it now!

Photo by Derek Key / CC BY 2.0

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