Episode 11 – How to Build a Buzz?

722230577_23a16662d1_zYou are unique. It’s what makes you… well, you.

But it does not make you buzzworthy. At least, not until you are buzzworthy.

For most of us, that time is not here yet. We have to build our own buzz.

So what are you going to do to build a buzz? How are you going to create that gotta be there feeling?

You need to create a shareable webinar topic.

Not just something that people will retweet. More than that.

Something they’ll share with their friends. I like retweets and likes as much as the next guy, but that’s not the secret sauce.

How do I know I’ve hit on a good one? When people are commenting on Facebook just to tag their friends: “John Smith you need to see this!”

Or when they mention a co-worker on Twitter.

That’s how you know you’ve got something. That’s what we’re trying to make happen.

Try these 4 tactics to build a buzz for your next Webinar presentation…

Solve a Specific Problem

Being specific will make people think of others. Delivering a presentation on hair re-growth? Bald Bob is gonna need to see this!

Many businesses try to be too broad in their solutions. They don’t want to miss out on big chunks of the audience.

Smart business people want to dominate a small piece of the audience. You can always grow later.

The problem you’re solving may not be one that everyone has. But for the people who do, your solution might be something they can’t live without!

Tell Them When and How

It’s a good idea to tell people exactly how your webinar presentation will help them.

Not all the details, mind you. Just the big picture.

5 Steps to Your Beach Body? What are the steps?

Even better, 5 Days to Your Beach Body. Tell them how long.

The When & How are what people can really latch on to. “All I have to do is follow these steps… I’ll be there in no time!”

Give Instant Results

This is the toughest part for many of us. You want people to leave your webinar with a result. Something has already happened. Things are better.

You’ll lose an inch off your waistline during the webinar. Sound impossible? It probably is. But if you could back it up, you’d have a full room.

Note that I do NOT recommend lying. If you can’t do it, don’t promise it. Those people will never become your customers if you lie to them.

I always want my webinar attendees to leave with something they didn’t have. Yes, they need to have something to take action on. A little inspiration.

But they better learn something. Even better is if they actually have something.

I’ve offered free downloads to webinar attendees. I’d like to do even more!

I’m working on this so… I’d love to hear some ideas. If you’ve got an idea, go to Webinational.com/contact and tell me.

Have a Contest

This is a good one. Simple. Easy.

I give away one of my information products (or have multiple winners) to attendees. They have to do something for it – like a retweet. Then I pick someone at random.

You can give away something you have to pay for (iPads were the hot giveaway item for a long time). I think you’d get more from putting that money toward more advertising. But if you have really high end products it’s not a bad idea.

Be Different

Football coaching products are well known for being boring. For as much personality as some coaches have on the field, they tend to be a little camera shy.

They also deliver their information like it’s heart surgery, instead of a game.

A while back I created a buzz by combining two of my biggest passions. I love Professional Wrestling and football.

So for an upcoming webinar, I delivered my first ever Pro Wrestler promo. I talked ’em into the building.

It was so different from what people are used to. The video had tons of likes, comments, and shares on Facebook.

It shocked a lot of coaches for being so different. A few thought I was crazy. Fine… at least I stood out.

Be different. Find a way to make your webinar stand out from the crowd.

Now Here’s What You Don’t Do…

Do not lie to get people there. Be real and genuine. Make sure you can deliver on your promise.

Do not be boooooorrrriiiiinnnng. No matter what you do, spice it up. Make it sound like the most exciting thing in the world.

Hopefully you think it is! I mean you chose this business!

Don’t create your buzz in the wrong place.

I didn’t post my wrestling promo ad on forums about Professional Wrestling. I put it in places where football coaches would see it.

This is important with giveaways! If you teach people how to churn their own butter, the latest and greatest microwave giveaway might not bring the right people in the door.

Now go create a buzz!

Photo by Connor Turner / CC BY 2.0

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