Episode 10 – 4 Ways to Say, “You Are in the Right Place”

7315820514_018af19f38_zBIG SMILEY FACE. Hi and Welcome to the Webinational Podcast. It’s so great to see you! You belong here.

People want to feel welcome. They want to feel like they belong.

Unless you’re a military brat, you have only had to welcome yourself into new social groups a few times. Maybe never.

But you know, it’s the worst. For most of us.

When you host your webinar, it is a new social group for many. Your guests want to know they belong.

4 Ways to Say You are in the Right Place…

  1. Tell people what makes them belong. Give examples of the types of hobbies, beliefs, values, experiences a good fit for this group has had.
  2. Give examples of people who don’t belong. Nothing brings people together like excluding other people. Cliques are bad in High School, but they are not bad for business.
  3. Show guests what they want to see. Give a preview of what’s going to happen during the presentation so they know you share the same interests.
  4. Tell stories. That’s how social groups work. It’s how relationships work. We give valuable advice. We sit around and tell stories that are valuable. They teach a lesson, provide humor, give hope…

This is one of the first slides we should see in your webinar. The “You are in the right place if…” slide is critical.

It is much more important than any slide telling about yourself. Remember, this is about them, not you! You are just providing the presentation.

You could do that without anyone there but… that’d be weird, right?

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