Episode 01 – 5 Reasons You Should Market with Webinars

You’ve probably attended a webinar. You might have even bought something.

Or you are just looking for a new way to sell. A way to expand your marketing.

New business or old. New product launch or your top selling classic product.

You can use webinars to expand your marketing platform.

Webinational.com begins 30 Days to a Profitable Webinar. There’ll be a new podcast every week day for 4 weeks.

At the conclusion, you’ll have the information needed to create profitable webinars for your business.

In this episode, we’re looking at 5 reasons webinars should be part of your business marketing plan…

  1. Webinars establish you as the expert
  2. They are FUN to present
  3. Your customers value webinars
  4. Build a relationship through Webinars
  5. Webinars CONVERT! That’s what matters most!

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Photo by Kayla Kandzorra / CC BY 2.0

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